Long-term Retention – It’s in Our DNA

DNA Binary

In high school biology class, you may have learned that deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, is the essence of who you are, both on the inside and the outside.

Analyzing one’s DNA gives you an accurate genetic history, and also provides information about physical and mental characteristics. Take a look at EMC’s DNA and you’ll find that it’s all about storing and protecting data.

DNA may hold the key to all the information that makes you unique, but how is all of that information expressed? The answer lies in your genes. For example, you may have blue eyes even though both of your parents have brown eyes. This means that you carry the gene for brown eyes, but the gene for blue eyes is expressed.

EMC expresses many different genes in data storage and protection, as seen in our extensive portfolio of products and solutions. One of our most distinguishable genes, however, is our portfolio of backup and recovery software products – including those that offer long-term retention of data (LTR).

Just as DNA is designed to allow for environment-specific gene expression, EMC’s LTR capabilities are designed to adapt to changing IT markets. With the Data Domain Extended Retention software, we became a key provider for customers with LTR needs. Now, just a few short years later, it’s time to add to our gene expression as more and more customers seek to push increasing volumes of LTR data to the cloud for lower costs and greater agility.

With this customer need in mind, we created CloudBoost, a cloud-enabling technology for trusted and true EMC data protection solutions such as Data Protection Suite.

Data Protection Suite with CloudBoost empowers users to eliminate tape in their environments and reduce capital expense by using a public, private, or hybrid cloud for LTR. CloudBoost enables EMC NetWorker and Avamar, components of Data Protection Suite, to provide LTR of monthly and yearly backups in the cloud.

CloudBoost offers inline, variable length, and source-side deduplication to make data transfer to the cloud quicker and more efficient, while simultaneously reducing CapEx. It also enhances performance with WAN optimization, multi-threading, and metadata caching, and allows for the customer’s choice of private or public cloud through the separation of data and metadata.

EMC’s CloudBoost is an obvious choice for those looking to move data to the cloud for LTR. With a notably strong genetic history, we at EMC have proven time and again that we aim for nothing short of perfection when it comes to data storage and protection. After all, it’s in our DNA.

About the Author: Sarah Werner