Leveraging the Power of Customer Engagement

In this world of rapid change and complexity, EMC’s customers want immediate answers to their service and support questions.  They want us to meet them where they live, in real time, quickly provide the technical expertise they seek and engage with them in their local language.

We’re faced with the challenge of providing customers with a wide range of support channels to deliver fast access to technology, expertise and services anytime, anywhere.  And the mix of customer preferred support channels often can be bewildering:  Web services, email, community forums, chat, phone, social media and perhaps others we have yet to explore.

Our Secret to Addressing the Challenges

So how do we address these business challenges?  Our secret is……we listen to our customers!  We strive to create a user-centric online support site based on our customers’ needs, goals, and objectives.  We are consistently focused on direct engagement with our customers.  As part of this process, hundreds of decisions are made that affect the user experience.  Customer involvement in EMC’s design process from ideation to conceptual design to usability studies ensures that together we meet our customers’ requirements and create the best possible user experience.

Evolution of Online Support

Earlier this year, we announced a major milestone in the evolution of customer support with the release of EMC’s new Online Support site.  This achievement delivered a greatly improved online support experience and was a significant step toward the overall decommissioning of Powerlink, the original support site platform.  The new site’s design, features and functionality are a result of customer involvement in design validation including collecting opinions and ideas, usability testing and thoughtful insights and feedback from our users’ perspective.  Check out the site here:  support.emc.com


Sharing a Prestigious Honor and Award with our Customersaward logo.png

As a result of our customer engagement approach in designing EMC’s online support experience, we have received industry validation and recognition of the new online support site with the prestigious Association of Support Professionals Top Ten Best Web Support Sites of 2013 award.   The Association of Support Professionals is an international organization dedicated to excellence in customer support.  For additional details regarding the organization and the award, visit www.asponline.com.  This award showcases EMC’s excellence in online service and support and we are excited to share this industry honor with the many customers and users who contributed to the site design process from original concept through deployment!

Susan Rich

Principal Program Manager, User Experience Design

Customer Services Innovation

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