Leverage AI for Competitive Advantage in the Enterprise

Artificial intelligence (AI). I’m sure by this point in the year, you’ve heard these two words more times than you can count, and have started to think about a world of self-driving cars and robot home assistants. But what does this mean for enterprises?

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That’s a question our team at Dell EMC hears from customers on a daily basis. These customers want to understand how they can leverage this technology that promises so much, but do so in a way that doesn’t require a steep learning curve that will grind their business activities to a halt.

This is where the Ready Solutions from Dell EMC come in. To gain competitive advantage, enterprise organizations must collect, analyze, and manage large amounts of data – which is the heart of what is promised by machine learning and deep learning. In November, we announced new Ready Bundles for Machine and Deep Learning that will enable customers to enjoy easier adoption and derive faster benefits from machine and deep learning.

A critical reason why these Ready Solutions will be able to offer such value to enterprises is Dell EMC’s commitment to working with leading technology vendors to deliver better solutions to our customers. In developing these Ready Solutions, we are working with several leading innovators including NVIDIA, Intel, Mellanox Technologies and Bright Computing. And we remain committed to looking for new ways to work with these technology leaders and with leading AI software companies to add additional value to our Ready Solutions, making it easier than ever for customers to gain value from machine and deep learning.

A great example of our continued work with leading AI technology vendors is the latest update to our Dell EMC Deep Learning Ready Bundle with NVIDIA. We’ve worked with the teams at NVIDIA and Bright Computing so that this solution will be able to take advantage of NVIDIA’s latest Tesla V100 technology as well as Bright Computing’s new Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science.  This Ready Bundle approach will help our customers simplify their architecture within a deep learning environment – and all without necessarily having to acquire new software skills.

AI is the future—don’t get left behind

The newest Dell EMC collaborations with both NVIDIA and with Bright Computing benefit machine and deep learning, data analytics, HPC, OpenStack private clouds, and hybrid clustered environments for multiple workloads that are changing the modern datacenter. But beyond bringing our customers the latest innovations, we want to ensure we help lift the roadblocks many customers face in deriving value from their AI, machine and deep learning investments.

I hear many customers say that they simply don’t have the time or resources to develop the skills required to design, deploy and manage advanced AI solutions. A big part of the Dell EMC AI Ready Solutions will focus on helping our customers with consulting, deployment, education and support to jump-start their AI journey, solve common AI challenges and drive business outcomes. Specifically, the Dell EMC team has invested in AI expertise to help customers fill the skills gap and provide use case driven, tailored services to help them get the most out of their AI investment. Dell EMC’s consulting services provide a flexible, open and practical approach to AI, which enables our customers to choose the technologies and tools that work for them to drive successful business outcomes.

To see these solutions in action or to simply learn more, come see us at booth #815 at NVIDIA GTC, the premier AI and deep learning event in San Jose, California.

Editor’s Update 4/10/18: For more on the new AI Ready Solutions, check out this video from the conference, in which Shaikh describes the new AI Ready Solutions for Rich Brueckner of Inside HPC.

About the Author: Kash Shaikh

Kash Shaikh is the Vice President of Hybrid Cloud & Ready Solutions Product Management & Marketing. Kash has more than 20 years of experience in the data center and applications industry leading Product Line Management, Marketing, Engineering and Business Development organizations. He joined Dell EMC after a successful exit from Ruckus Wireless as a result of Brocade’s acquisition where he was the Vice President of Marketing & Business Development. Prior to Ruckus, Kash was the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development teams at Riverbed Technology and held several executive leadership roles at HP Enterprise, Cisco and BayNetworks/Nortel. In these roles he helped successfully build multi-billion dollar businesses in technology domain. When he is not working, Kash enjoys modern minimalist home designs (having completely redesigned his own home), traveling, learning new things, cycling and coaching his 8 years old daughter Zara. Kash is an avid social media user. Check out his social media presence at LinkedIn and Twitter. @KashShaikh
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