Leave the VDI management to Dell with Managed Services

No matter if you just bought a new Dell DVS Enterprise Integrated Solution Stack (ISS) or are planning to deploy one for your virtual desktop infrastructure, the tasks of ongoing VDI management can’t be omitted. Additionally, downtime on virtual desktop infrastructure can create significant costs and business losses. If your organization doesn’t have enough resources allocated to provide effective, day-to-day virtual desktop and infrastructure management, we have a solution for you – Dell Managed Services.

Dell Managed Services for Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) Enterprise Integrated Solution Stack (ISS) offers remote monitoring and management of the architecture with Citrix XenDesktop and optional virtual desktops management.

Dell Managed Services combines Dell’s skilled service professionals specialized in virtual desktop technology (Citrix certified CCA, CCAA, CCEE and VMware certified VCP), industry best practices, incident management tools, and proven methodologies (ITIL V3 certified). It maximizes uptime by providing proactive resolution 24×7 to virtual desktop infrastructure issues. It frees up your IT resources to perform more strategic projects. You will also benefit from better forecasting of IT budgets with predictable subscription billing options.

Dell Managed Services for DVS Enterprise ISS helps maximize the value of your ISS investments, maintaining a reliable, effective and scalable virtual desktop environment.

Visit the Dell DVS Enterprise web page or contact your sales representatives to learn more.

About the Author: Joyce Huang