Learning about Heroku – The Ruby PaaS Solution

Kicking off my series of videos from last week’s Cloud Expo in Santa Clara, here is a chat I had with Oren Teich, of Heroku.  Heroku, if you’re not familiar is a 2-yr old Platform as-a-Service company targeting Ruby developers.  Oren recently joined Heroku as their head of product management and had the following to say:

Some of the topics Oren tackles:

  • Where the name “Heroku” comes from and why they were going for a Japanese sounding name.
  • Why did they choose Ruby and why did they go with a cloud-based plaform?
  • How Heroku is similar/different from Google App Engine and Engine Yard.
  • The majority of the folks who have created the 39,000+ apps on the site are hobbists.   That being said, the folks who pay their bills are those who are creating social media apps for platforms like Facebook, Twitter and the iPhone.
  • How Heroku makes their money: they charge as you scale and they charge for add-ons.
  • What they plan to concentrate on in the year ahead

Pau for now…

About the Author: Barton George