Leaping ahead

Our recent Unleash Simplicity event was broadcast live to over 4,000 participants, and attended by customers, partners and executives in San Jose.  It was the largest product launch in VCE’s history, as we introduced a new wave of innovation and extended the value of converged infrastructure to new markets, operations, and industry-leading software applications.

Our announcements represent a significant leap forward for VCE and for our customers and partners. Our Vblock Specialized Systems – starting with fully installed SAP HANA® software – bring pre-installed applications to our customers with speed and simplicity. VCE Vision Intelligent Operations is another major step as we evolve and advance the state of IT from converged infrastructure to converged operations, simplifying the management of data centers. The Vblock System 100 and 200 are VCE’s first moves outside of the core data center into remote office, branch office and the mid-market. Finally, the Vblock System 320 and Vblock System 720 represent significant steps forward for our flagship and Vblock System 300 and 700 families.

It’s a huge infusion of exciting new hardware and software for our customers and partners.  But it’s also a major leap forward for the VCE brand.  The milestones that we announced, followed by the wave of innovation and the industry recognition that came with it are all further proof that VCE is stronger than ever.  We’re the fastest growing company in one of the fastest growing parts of the IT industry.  Our brand has become one that’s associated with innovation, forward thinking and customer value.  We’re bringing the next generation data center to customers today – and we’re working closely with our partners to make it happen.

We were fortunate to have a number of our key customers attend the event live in Cisco Studios, and several of them commented that VCE’s announcements were closely aligned with their wish list for new offerings and they appreciated that we were always listening to them.

It was great feedback to hear.  And now, we begin to answer the question that was on everyone’s mind as the event wrapped up: “what’s next?”

For VCE, next is going to be about . . . more.  More innovation and execution on our vision.  Working closely with partners to bring more value to customers.  Building our brand so more customers understand the speed and simplicity that converged infrastructure can bring to their business.

The past three years have been a major leap forward for VCE and for customers. There is much more to come.

About the Author: Nina Hargus