KN Networks keeps it simple with a KACE Management Appliance, saving 100 hours of staff time and €6,500 power consumption each year

kn-logo Keeping hundreds of desktops and laptops up-to-date and working properly is a tall order for any company, but it’s especially hard when you’re a two-man IT team trying to manage four sites in different countries. That was the challenge faced by Maurice Daly, IT Manager at KN Networks — a services and consultancy firm working with construction, telecommunications and utilities organisations.

Mr Daly found himself traveling to different sites every month, just to update firmware, deploy patches and keep systems running smoothly, so he started looking for a simpler way to manage the client-side IT environment. At the same time, he wanted to cut power consumption throughout the business.

More customers are starting to see the benefits of virtualized systems appliances — like the Dell KACETM appliance — a plug and play system that’s as easy as adding a physical server.TSB_0392 That’s why KN Networks started looking at the new Dell KACE™ K1000 Management Appliance – a fully integrated systems management solution that KN Networks can use to administer all desktops, laptops and clients regardless of their location.

When we spoke to Mr Daly, it was great to hear about the difference that the KACE appliance has made to the business. He now has a complete view of every client in the network, including licensing information. This means he no longer needs to travel to sites around the UK and Ireland each month to maintain systems as he can manage everything from the company’s headquarters. Plus, the impact on users is drastically reduced saving around 100 hours of staff time each year.

What’s more, Mr Daly uses the KACE appliance’s intelligent power management to automatically power-down systems at the end of the day, saving at least €6,500 a year. In total, Daly says that KN Networks is now looking at a potential return on investment in fewer than 12 months — all from simplified client management.

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About the Author: Kathy Mahady