Keeping the Pace with SaaS

I hear a lot of talk about cloud computing and SaaS leading to cost savings and efficiency. This is undoubtedly true, but there is much more to the story. It is as much about access to the fast-moving and ever-changing innovation in SaaS applications. Customers need to be able to keep up with a newer, faster innovation cycle with SaaS. And a big part of this is training.

There are likely many folks out there that are interested in cloud integration but are concerned they don’t have the necessary tools to do it. Dell Boomi has a new training class—Boomi Boot Camp, which offers 4 days of training that teaches real AtomSphere customers, partners and prospects how to build, deploy and manage cloud integrations. This tailored program allows users to obtain the skills they need to develop integrations for cloud and on-premise applications. With learning objectives in mind, the class was built to enable all Boomi customers with the ability to be advanced developers.

If you are a technical consultant, someone in the IT room, or someone who simply wants to better understand how to integrate your organization’s apps, you will benefit from the Boomi Boot Camp training program. So what do you need in order to join the class? While having a basic understanding of SQL and JavaScript will help, the only thing you really need is a basic understanding of business use-cases of the products and applications that you want to integrate.

I know what you’re thinking – if Boomi is so easy to use, why do I need 4 days of training? You see, maybe you don’t need the training per se, but being an advanced developer allows you to understand at a deeper level the integration you’ll use for your organization. Core AtomSphere documentation and online tutorials only skim the surface; in Boot Camp you’ll be going through exercises and building something end-to-end. At the completion of every training session, the instructor builds time in to allow everyone to talk openly about the projects they’re working on – which includes time to help you build a customized, simple solution.

Compared to most free, online programs that offer general information followed by a standardized pop quiz, Boomi Boot Camp offers face to face interaction and the ability to work one on one with an instructor. Instructors offer more defined exercise sets, taking the time to go through each concept individually. The in-person training also allows the instructor to circle back and retouch on subjects that they felt were harder for their class to grasp, ensuring an understanding of all topics covered.

Dell Boomi understands that each cloud integration is unique – your organization may be doing something completely different from the next. This is why the workshop experience is better – with each training comes the ability to address and handle distinct situations. Our hope is that you’ll leave with effective advice that you can take back and share with your own internal team.

If you’re interested in participating in the new training program, please visit our Boot Camp for more information and an overview of the schedule. Classes are offered once every month in either Berwyn, Pennsylvania or San Francisco, California. To have Dell Boomi come to you, contact us for further information.

About the Author: Ralph Hibbs