Keep those Data Protection questions coming!

Ask the Experts

As the year draws to a close, we will at the end of November look back possibly at the best year ever for customer attendance and interactions at one of our Data Protection User Groups (DPUG). I don’t want to make any predictions just yet, as we still have a number of events to run. But let’s say @ladybackup and myself are quietly confident for a record year.

What’s more when the last event draws to a close this month, it will not stop there! Such has been the interest across our Data Protection Continuum we have created four dedicated “Ask the Expert” pages on the EMC Community Network (ECN) to allow the questions to continue.

So if you missed your local DPUG or did not get the opportunity to ask that question to one of our experts then now’s your chance to get that answer. Browsing to the ECN will afford you the choice to pick from the 4 most popular sessions from the User Groups. Appliances, Software, Replication and Management each have a dedicated page. These pages will give you a taste of what was discussed and allow you to pose a question to the forum.

Watch out for a full report next month! Until then, have you spotted yourself yet in one of our city photo collections?

About the Author: Mark Galpin