Just What The Application Owner Ordered!

Doctor with futuristic touchscreen interface

Ok, so application owners aren’t doctors, but they do know what they need when fixing a problem! There is a lot of change occurring in the data protection landscape today. For application owners, such as DBAs, difficulty meeting backup windows is becoming a problem. Due to an explosion of data that needs to be protected and lack of control and visibility into backups, many DBAs are becoming dissatisfied with their current backup solution.  Missing stringent SLAs is never an option when dealing with mission critical workloads – and having your application impacted can also be detrimental to meeting those backup windows.

When application owners don’t get the control and visibility they want over their backups, they go off on their own – using their own native utility to backup to whatever disk is available – often primary storage (Which as we all know, is less than ideal). So how do you enable this self-service data protection model without creating these unnecessary silos of storage?

The wave of traditional server-centric backup designed around centralized control with backup servers, and agents sending data to protection storage, just isn‘t keeping up. Especially with increasingly strict SLAs and need for control over backups. But, fortunately, data protection is evolving.

The new wave of modern data management is designed for self service! It‘s made to empower application owners andstorage admins to backup directly from the data source to protection storage.  This model is becoming increasingly popular because it puts control directly in the hands of the data owners – rather than relying on a centralized backup team.

To tie it all together, you need both intelligent analytics and search. That way, you can cross both the traditional and modern approaches ensuring that you optimize operations across all data centers globally.

The application owner needs to have the control they desire, by eliminating the complexity of traditional backups and providing unparalleled efficiency.

What if there was a solution that enabled them to:

  • Get 20x faster backup and 10x faster recovery by enabling backup directly to Data Domain
  • Empower application owners and database admins to control their own backup and recovery
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce backup impact on application servers
  • Reduce cost and complexity by eliminating a traditional backup solution

EMC has just what the application owner ordered with the Data Protection Suite for applications which does exactly all of the above.  The suite includes ProtectPoint, DD Boost for Enterprise Applications, and Data Protection Advisor. This means you can backup directly from primary storage or the application server to Data Domain – depending on the level of performance required.

Now not only do application owners and database administrators have the performance and efficiency they need when doing a backup, but it also allows them the control and the visibility they want over those backups.

About the Author: Alyanna Ilyadis