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Design is hard to define – yet we instinctively recognize it. It’s both beautiful and functional. Great design is not under or over-engineered – it delivers on its promise and works intuitively. It’s universal and timeless. Beautiful cars and buildings aside, it’s usually the design of everyday things we appreciate most. I think of a coffee pot pouring well, the handle comfortable to the touch, doing the job it was meant to do in an elegant way. 

Technology advances progress

IT technology design is no different. Join our virtual Design Experience event, sponsored and in collaboration with Intel, on October 27 to hear directly from customers and engineers who are working to advance progress in our world. As an industry, we’ve evolved from designing great products to designing great user experiences. We not only focus on the mechanical features that power our modern world, we now embed AI to further automate the technology we rely on every day. We are shifting from connected products to smart factories and smarter cities. And we’re now seeing the emergence of smart business ecosystems, industries that share data and insights seamlessly across their corporate clouds to the edge of their industry operations.

The user experience matters

As a result, we’re seeing change across the board from retail and airlines to education, energy, and healthcare. It’s easy to understand why. Well-designed technology solutions fix problems and deliver a better experience for all of us. For me, designing for the end user experience is fundamental to building great products – in fact, it’s non-negotiable. The finished product may look deceptively simple, but the road to great design takes time. You dream, research, visualize, experiment, prototype, and refine. If you’re working with a technology partner, good design is based on trust. Let me share just a few examples.

Healthcare, product design and AI

In healthcare, Konica Minolta is applying its more than 150 years of experience in imaging toward creating a new game-changing invention, Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR). Thanks to the technology’s ability to visualize movement inside the body, DDR will enable doctors to diagnose conditions such as lung disease earlier. To make its vision a reality, Konica Minolta needed a powerful hardware platform that could process up to 300 images in a single scan and animate those images in mere minutes. It found the right partner in Dell Technologies OEM Solutions. By combining the widespread availability of X-ray machines with advanced hardware and AI, we hope, together, to give doctors new tools to save lives. The story of our partnership is here.

Product designer, BittWare, a long-established tech leader, was looking for an OEM partner that understood FPGA technology and its disruptive potential. Its vision was to develop an enterprise-class FPGA server solution, backed by global logistics, support and services, which would make FPGA more user-friendly and accessible to mainstream business users. According to BittWare, its collaborative engineering work with Dell Technologies OEM Solutions has shortened the development cycle, accelerated time to market, improved the customer experience, and reduced cost overheads. Our collaborative engineering design work is explained here.

Enterprise artificial intelligence company,, partnered with us to design a new AI platform that would provide real time recommendations to manufacturers and turn those recommendations into tangible actions. Case in point, industry leader, Big River Steel, wanted to optimize operations and reduce waste at its scrap metal recycling and steel production facility. Using the platform and Dell Technologies infrastructure, the company has now embedded AI and machine learning into all its manufacturing processes. The result? Big Steel now has insights into all the factors responsible for quality variability and has reported up to $10 million in savings. Have a look at what we’ve done together here.

It starts with you

These stories describe the kind of partnership we can offer you. It always starts with you and your IP. We will get your solution to market faster with everything you need to be successful. We’re here to unleash your innovation and add our tier one technology and most relevant capabilities where you need them most.  We want to create something wonderful with you.  Great design outcomes start at the beginning of our first discussion.  We hope to hear from you soon.

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About the Author: Ethan Wood

Ethan Wood is the Vice President of the OEM Solutions marketing organization. He has also held leadership roles as the Director of Enterprise Marketing for North America, the Director of Dell’s Federal marketing group and as the Director of North America’s Field Marketing team. Previously, he worked for Dell in product marketing and technical sales roles, supporting Federal, Public Accounts, HCLS, and Global Fortune 1000 accounts. He has been involved in growing Dell’s Enterprise business from either a sales or marketing capacity throughout his twenty-two year career with Dell Technologies.