Japan Out of the Comfort Zone

EMC Chairman and CEO Joe Tucci recently visited Japan for an appearance at the Nikkei Global Management Forum. There, he outlined EMC’s strategy for cloud and Big Data and also introduced the Software-defined Datacenter (SDD) concept that will revolutionize the way datacenters are operated and managed.

In addition to Joe’s commentary on the industry’s transformation, he also provided some color on EMC’s corporate strategy, vision and the business outlook in Japan.

When it came to the topic of Japan’s “stagnation,” in the global economy, Joe was very clear: Cloud computing is the largest wave of transformation the IT industry has ever seen, and Japanese companies must move past their conservatism and take advantage of their skilled IT talent to capitalize on the opportunity.

The Software-defined Data Center approach of pooling together compute, storage, networking, security and other services to be delivered as software will allow datacenters to become more standardized, virtualized and eventually, automated. Improved efficiency and lower costs are just what Japan needs right now to help jumpstart economic prosperity.

Japan’s strong, dedicated workforce coupled with its history of multi-industry dominance serve as the foundation to carry it through this period of economic uncertainty. The country’s spirit of innovation and record of high quality output are what’s needed to move the country forward. As Japanese companies look for ways to do more with less, as many companies across the world are doing, EMC’s mantra of IT transformation is helping to put theory into action.

About the Author: Osamu Yamano