It’s SNOW TIME! Does Your IT Get a Snow Day?

Snow-DaySo far this winter season Boston has made history with a new snowfall record. Winter storms have slammed Northern New England, causing record-breaking snowfall, high winds with coastal flooding, and school cancellations causing major delays across the region. While city and town workers worked all hours of the night clearing the streets and sidewalks, schools getting a snow day, IT workers kept a close eye on making sure businesses didn’t run into any unplanned downtime causing disruption to any service level agreements. 

Winter storm Juno came with a simple reminder that a data protection plan for businesses is critical. According to Gartner, downtime can cost a business as much as $300,000 per hour. To ensure your business is protected against Mother Nature, it is important to have a remote site to ensure your data is recoverable and accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

If you are a business that does not currently have a data protection strategy in place or your current strategy just isn’t cutting it, EMC offers the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive data protection solutions. Disaster recovery is vital to any businesses success and can hit home when it comes to natural disasters interfering with the IT industry. EMC Data Domain is your hero when it comes to disaster recovery because it not only protects your backup and archive but minimizes bandwidth requirements which are critical when getting your data off site to a DR site. EMC Data Domain Replicator software is able to provide you with fast, network-efficient replication for backup and archive data offering broad scalability for throughput. In addition, EMC Data Domain Replicator software asynchronously transfers only compressed, deduplicated data over the WAN, allowing replication to be cost-effective and reliable.


Don’t let the 2015 blizzards interfere with day-to-day business operations. Secure your data and your business with a solid data protection plan.

About the Author: Amy McCue