It’s Official: We Blow the Competition Out of the Water!

Today, I’m excited to announce that the EMC Isilon S200 system has been crowned the world’s fastest NAS platform! (We’re also the biggest, check this out 🙂

The Isilon S200 was just announced a few months ago but we were confident that our platform was the cream of the crop. So confident, in fact, that we quickly set out to demonstrate it’s performance with the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) benchmark, which is designed to mimic file-based workflows: transactional namespace operations, significant amounts of concurrency, and a wide mix of namespace, read, and write operations.

The results easily spoke for themselves – in a per-node comparison, we dominated our closest competitors by more than double:

  • SPECsfs2008_nfs.v3 Results: 1.1 Million NFS IOPS – a 75% increase over closest results from any competitor
  • SPECsfs2008_cifs Results: 1.6 Million CIFS IOPS – a 126% increase over closest results from any competitor

On a per file system basis, we annihilated them! The S200 and OneFS 6.5 are 1710% faster in CIFS IOPS and 176% faster in NFS IOPS, proving that we are far superior when it comes to delivering a single scale-out NAS system that surpasses the closest competition in performance and capacity.

A million I/Os per second is pretty amazing – but honestly, what I find even more impressive is the true linear scalability that our platform provides. We tested seven, 14, 28, and 56 node results in addition to the monster 140 node run – and I challenge anyone to find a more consistent scale. The other item I love about this demonstration is that the S200 we used is a bread-and-butter node for us: one SSD, twenty-three SAS drives, and 48 GB of DRAM – and any customer in the world can cost-effectively scale their cluster from 3 nodes to 140 – with no tuning or gimmicks – and enjoy the linear benefits that OneFS provides.

Okay, enough with the chest thumping. Though it is pretty awesome to be performance (and capacity) champions, we here at EMC Isilon are proud to be setting the standard for big data storage because of what our excellence means in the real world. It means that we are the leaders in helping companies store and access their information faster so they can make the world a better place (a.k.a. deliver to you the latest and greatest chips for your smart phones and find new cures for diseases).

To learn more about EMC Isilon and the SPEC benchmark, visit Additionally, be sure to check out this video with me, Sujal Patel (president of EMC Isilon) and industry partners and analysts as we discuss how EMC Isilon is setting the standard for big data storage.

About the Author: Nick Kirsch