IT PRO Recommended, Customer Approved!

We’ve told you that Dell begins every new product planning cycle by hitting the road, listening and learning from thousand of customer conversations. But, how do we know that this approach is working? Are concerns and issues being addressed in the final product?

It comes down to market validation and feedback. Whether it’s from you or industry reviewers, we use that feedback to help us build better servers. That is why we wanted to share some of the positive feedback we’re getting on the PowerEdge R815.

IT PRO recent gave it a strong “Recommended” review and praised the PowerEdge R815 for being “the the first 4-socket Opteron 6100 server to market ….setting a high standard for the rest to follow.”

In the review they touched on the features that make this server truly unique, such as the Internal Dual SD module for fail-safe virtualization, the 4-socket performance in a slim 2U platform, the interactive LCD display for easy monitoring and the advanced embedded management. All of the features that were inspired by you to help ensure your day goes a little bit smoother.

In addition to these great features, IT PRO also recognized us for some of our other purposeful design elements, such as following common behavioral specifications to promote server to server familiarity, as well as our tool-less internal component layout for easy upgrade and maintenance.

Dave Mitchell from IT PRO noted, “The R815 shares the same behavioural design concept offered by all the latest PowerEdge servers. The use of many similar components means that if your support staff knows how to service one PowerEdge server then most components should be easily recognisable on all other models.”

The PowerEdge R815, as well as every PowerEdge 11th generation server, is designed to enhance the IT experience by changing the way you interact with your technology, whether that means easier management, more reliability, better energy efficiency or higher performance with the latest and greatest product innovations.

Mr. Mitchell also acknowledged the ease of management, “More unique features are provided as the R815 sports Dell’s Lifecycle Controller and its 1GB of NVRAM memory. This comes into its own for OS installation as we were able to boot the server into Dell’s UEFI (unified extensible firmware interface) environment and deploy an OS without needing to use any boot media.”

“No other server manufacturer offers this type of feature as HP and IBM still require boot media to load an OS. Along with a deployment wizard, the Dell controller also provides diagnostics and server update tools plus access to the servers’ settings.”

We invest in innovations that help you to be more successful, and hope that the IT PRORecommended” review illustrates that you believe we are on the right track!

As always, your feedback is extremely important to us. And, we want to hear how PowerEdge is making a difference in your IT environment today!

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About the Author: Brook Lester