IT innovation: Curious about what lies ahead?

“Technology is about enabling human potential.” Maybe you’ve heard this truism from Michael Dell before.  It gets to the heart of why there’s that constant drive to make the effort to develop new tools and improve old ones. Technology should make us more effective in our work and free us to get more out of life. At its best, it does.

If you’d like to engage some the change agents driving innovation in IT, consider registering for the Dell World in Austin, Oct. 12-14.

The theme of this “unconference” —intentionally scaled down to prevent that feed-lot atmosphere too common at major gatherings — is “Unlocking Innovation in the virtual Era.” The lineup of speakers includes:

  • Michael Dell, Dell Chairman and CEO, looking ahead at what’s next in cloud computing, data management and mobility in “Unlocking Opportunity Through Innovation.”
  • Marc Benioff, CEO, focusing on the ubiquity of social networking and engagement opportunities that are emerging in “Welcome to the Social Enterprise.”
  • Vivek Kundra, the first CIO of the United States, sharing some of the challenges of closing the technology gap on the federal level in “Harnessing Technology to Innovate at Scale.”
  • Paul Maritz, VMware president and CEO, discussing what the surge in virtual machines means for companies across the globe in “The New IT.”

You can trim the cost of registration by 25% with this registration code: SR-BTSO.

Tech Innovation Highlights

When I worked as a print journalist, I’d hear co-workers periodically musing (somewhat tongue-in-cheek), “What did we do before the Internet?”

Of course, we recall the days before innovation in technology brought us more efficient Web-based research tools, pagination to streamline production and mobile devices  that let us file and edit from just about anywhere.

I don’t know anyone in journalism who thinks it’s feasible, or really desirable, to turn back. But it’s interesting to take a look back on some of the changes in software and hardware.

Check out some of the innovation highlights in this infographic, which is part of a series produced by for Dell. To see the others, go to Infographics page at the Multimedia Center on

About the Author: Nicole Smith