IT Executive Summit Takes Place This Week in Austin

Dell is hosting its fifth annual IT executive learning event this week in Austin for nearly 200 CIOs and IT decision-makers.

This year’s event, the Dell IT Executive Summit, was created as an intimate IT-to-IT event, designed and presented “by" IT leaders, "for" IT leaders. As you’ll hear from Dell’s CIO Robin Johnson in the video interview below, this is not an event where Dell does all the talking. Quite the contrary — a good portion of the time will consist of our customers talking to us about issues they’re facing.

As part of the three-day event, Dell will be offering more than a dozen break-out sessions hosted by Dell’s top IT executives and key technologists from our Office of the CTO. Customers will be given tours of Dell’s Global Data Center and the Americas Command Center, where Dell’s services teams monitor customers across the U.S., track weather and storm issues and their potential impact on our field crews, and even monitor traffic issues that would impact a service call to customers in large urban areas.

I’ve interviewed several of the speakers for the event and will be posting those on this blog later this week. I’ll also be at the event and will be live-tweeting from there with sound bites from speakers and reactions from those in attendance. If you’re already on twitter, you follow me here (@bruceericatdell).

Let’s hear what Robin has to say.

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