Isilon StorageQA with the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation on Twitter

Today, Isilon hosted its first, live StorageQA on Twitter about life in the data center. Our guest was Stuart Glenn, Software Engineer at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF). We used the #storageQA hashtag and the full script is below. If you’re interested in participating in future StorageQAs, send a direct message @isilon on Twitter. Thanks!

Isilon: Thanks for joining our first, live StorageQA on life in the data center. First, tell us what @OMRF does and your role there.

stuka: The OMRF is a non profit biomedical research institute, there I manage informatics for a couple of labs

Isilon: Keeps you busy–we saw your tweets about bringing on more Isilon gear. What’d you buy and what’s it being used for?

stuka: Yep, always something 2 do & discoveries 2 be made. We added 5400s nodes to our storage cluster mainly for sequencing

stuka: but we’ve also expanded out compute & virtualization at the same time

Isilon: How has Isilon scale-out storage integrated with your virtualized environment, what benefits are you seeing?

stuka: I originally got isilon for NGS data storage to keep pace w/ data growth then found the it could easily host VMs as well

Isilon: Glad it’s been able to grow w/ yr needs & thx for participating in our first #StorageQA! Others who are interested should DM @isilon

About the Author: Nick Kirsch