Isilon StorageQA with Stronghold Data on Twitter

Yesterday, Isilon hosted its second, live StorageQA on Twitter about virtualization and scale-out storage. Our guest was David Markley, Chief Information Officer at Stronghold Data. We used the #storageQA hashtag and the full script is below. If you’re interested in participating in future StorageQAs, send a direct message @isilon on Twitter. Thanks!

Isilon: David, thanks for joining Isilon’s live #StorageQA on Twitter. Tell us what @Strongholddata does and your role there.

farewelldave: Stronghold Data provides file level and system level backup and business continuity services for companies large and small.

farewelldave: My primary role is to provide an ever-expanding infrastructure to allow for growth and new services to our clients.

Isilon: So scalability & data protection are of utmost importance. What storage features are most critical — why Isilon?

farewelldave: Hardware redundancy, reliable support, great performance and quick addition of storage were among the top features requested…

farewelldave: In the end we chose Isilon due to their excellence in those areas, and at a price point that worked well with our business model

Isilon: Glad it’s working out so well. Has using Isilon scale-out storage changed the way you manage the data center?

farewelldave: I am now able to focus on improving business systems (i.e. progress) and spend virtually no time managing LUNs and Quotas.

Isilon: Brilliant. Last Q: You spent time @VMworld in August. How important is virtualization to your operations?

farewelldave: In this industry, doing more with less is always a factor so virtualization is huge for our business in that regard.

farewelldave: Stronghold Data is able to provide much better service and support due to what @VMware has done with efficiency and HA.

Isilon: More with less = no doubt. Which is why pairing Isilon with virtual servers works well: virtually no LUN mgmt.

Isilon: David, thanks so much for participating! Others who are interested should DM @Isilon.

farewelldave: Thank you. Remember the hat-trick: great server hardware, VMware virtualization & Isilon storage.

About the Author: Nick Kirsch