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Hello again Support Community! At EMC Isilon, we are working hard to provide the best self guided troubleshooting optios to our customers, and we have made a big step in getting there: The Isilon Customer Troubleshooting Guides.

These guides were written by our coaches and subject matter experts in Isilon Support and we are pleased that they are ready for publication. As of now, we have 5 guides fully completed and ready for your perusal:

HDFS Connection Issues on Your Isilon Cluster

HDFS Permission Issues on Your Isilon Cluster

OneFS Upgrade Failures

Clients Cannot Connect to a Node

An InfiniBand Interface Is Down or Flapping

The guides are now published and ready for you to view with or without a login to EMC Online Support.


There are more guides coming soon for a range of topics including, but surely not limited to: Isilon InsightIQ, Filesystem Integrity, snapshots, SyncIQ, NDMP, hardware issues, cluster capacity, API, and many more! In these Guides, you can find step-by-step instructions to help you troubleshoot some common issues that affect Isilon clusters. Many of the Guides are currently written as interactive flowcharts for you to click through as you gather information. Each guide will also contain steps to gather your steps to upload to Isilon Support should you need to create a Service Request to avoid duplication of efforts. These Guides make it quick and easy for you to start troubleshooting your issue internally before reaching out to Support. From there, Support will be able to really dig in to your issue without the need to gather basic cluster information and diagnostics first.

Please let us know if there are any that you are excited to see for use in your environment!

Looking for more "How to" Hardware Support? EMC has made the SolVe Desktop Generator available to all EMC Isilon customers. This tool will provide step by step guides to completing various maintenance tasks on your Isilon Cluster (or other EMC product.) Don’t forget to check out our Isilon blog post that covers use of this tool! Grab the latest copy by following the instructions in this KB Article: 109414. [NOTE: This tool DOES require a login to EMC Online Support] Once downloaded, you will have the following view. Simply Select the product you are looking to get a process or procedure for to get started!

Solve customer desktop.jpg

Questions, comments, or concerns about the Troubleshooting Guides? Give us a shout at, tweet us @EMCSupport, or leave your comments here. If you have a comment regarding the SolVe Generator? Please send your feedback to as well.

We look forward to hearing from you! Reach out to us on the Isilon Social Support Team!


Katie Johnson

Technical Support Engineer II/Administration Team Coach

Twitter: @EMCSupport


Shane Dekart

Technical Support Engineer II

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David Sjogren

Technical Support Engineer II/Windows Protocols Team Coach

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