Isilon CTO Paul Rutherford to Speak at Gartner Data Center Conference – Tues. 12/7 @ 1:45 pm PT

Big data holds the potential to accelerate the rate at which we can transform information into innovation. However, to maximize its potential, we must adopt on-demand IT infrastructures that simplify data management, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Today, data is growing at a rate far outpacing the storage available to hold it, or the people available to manage it, necessitating a paradigm shift in how we manage information.

Join Isilon CTO Paul Rutherford as he discusses what shared, on-demand IT at the server, networking and storage layer looks like and how we can use it to unlock the full potential of big data. Add the Isilon presentation to your Gartner Data Center Conference agenda.

About the Author: Nick Kirsch