Isilon: A Lamplighter for Scientific Discovery

Don ListwinWith the announcement of new Isilon board member Don Listwin, Isilon continues its forward march as a lamplighter for scientific discovery. Don and Isilon CEO Sujal Patel both presented at a recent Xconomy forum on healthcare IT, where they found that Don’s Canary Foundation shared many common goals with a wide swath of Isilon’s bioinformatics customers, namely the desire to advance cancer research and improve early detection methods.
After losing his mother to misdiagnosed ovarian cancer, Don drew from his tech background to launch the Canary Foundation, with a singular focus on improving early cancer detection methods. In his Xconomy speech, Don emphasized the importance of software in advancing biology and healthcare, such as a Facebook-like portal where information could be shared and accessed quickly.
At Isilon, we also believe IT should help healthcare, not hinder it. Our products are designed with simplicity in mind, enabling “IT light” organizations such as research institutes, labs and universities to focus their time and resources on research, not on storage challenges. Bioinformatics is especially data dependent, as DNA sequences must be run, analyzed, re-analyzed, archived and revisited again and again in the pursuit of the next breakthrough, meaning data growth is both rapid and unpredictable. With Isilon, IT light life science and bioinformatics organizations can easily scale out their storage resources in lockstep with data growth and application demand, all from a single file system, keeping costs and management to a minimum, while providing the performance and capacity required to keep research moving forward.
Isilon is committed to working with the life sciences and bioinformatics industry to enable great discoveries. Our customers include the Joint Genome Institute, Mount Sinai Medical Center, and TGen, among others. To learn more, visit the Isilon for life sciences page or contact us at 1-877-2ISILON.

About the Author: Nick Kirsch