Is Your Business Ready to Take on the Digital Universe?


“Like the physical universe, the digital universe is large – by 2020 containing nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe. It is doubling in size every two years, and by 2020 the digital universe – the data we create and copy annually – will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes.”—2014 EMC Digital Universe Study

Sounds ominous but there’s no escaping it; our world is being invaded by data.

So, the question begs, is your business up to the challenges and opportunities all this data will present, however many petabytes, exabytes or zettabytes this may mean? Or will it fold under the pressure?

Yes, folks, it’s time to re-define our business strategies. What’s your plan? Who’s driving it? Who’s reviewing it? How does your organization distinguish big value data from lesser-value data? What’s your plan to store and protect data this data over time? How will you (or, more specifically, your IT organization) keep up with all this data? How will you stay ahead of your competitors?

As Simon Walsh, COO, EMC EMEA, discusses in the short CNBC video interview above (click here if you’re viewing from a device that doesn’t support Flash), it’s really our IT departments that will be invaded by the Internet of Things and that, along with business teams, will shoulder the responsibility of turning the data this massive mobile and social network is generating into meaningful information that brings value to customers.

Much is on the line. Take a look and let’s chat some more. Also, be sure to read How to Find Your Organization’s Center of Gravity to learn more about the tilt that’s happening in the market from products to customers and why knowing your center of gravity is critical to the future of your business.

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About the Author: Heidi Biggar