Is Agility the next Holy Grail for IT?

What do Monty Python and Indiana Jones have in common with today’s IT? All undertook a quest – a quest for a Holy Grail. IT’s new Holy Grail is called the cloud.

The cloud promises agility, speed, dynamic and real time engagement – get to the cloud so we can become agile “like Google” is the mandate in front of IT organizations today! Cloud will enable IT to move at the speed of business, to move at the speed of the customer. IT needs to transform to become agile. This time IT is transforming to the cloud. Is agility the next Holy Grail for IT? Yes, it absolutely is.

This is a nice vision. But what does agility look like? What does being agile mean? How do we know when we have it? If the goal is agility – What does success look like? Here is my take. (Spoiler alert: being agile means getting your information systems – and ultimately your organization future ready.)

Being agile means:

  1. Not accepting conventional wisdom, and being ready to change the rules In this video  Malcolm Gladwell talks  about the story of David vs. Goliath to illustrate how not following convention can change the rules of the game
  2. Becoming an orchestrator of loosely coupled transactional systems (services grids) with an ecosystem of partners  to build and deliver goods and services to customers – learn more about services grids in this paper
  3. Putting interoperability  at the core of everything your organization does – interoperability is a foundational requirement to becoming an orchestrator
  4. Putting control and access for engagement directly into the hands of your customer – this requires a fluid, elastic infrastructure that can respond to the ebbs and flows of customer interactions

Ultimately, being agile means getting your organization into a position where you are able to shape and mold the future versus being a target to forces outside of your control. At Dell we have a saying for this – we call it being “Future Ready.”

Cloud and agility are intertwined. At Dell we are delivering on our mission to accelerate our customer’s journey to cloud computing with OpenStack cloud solutions to help make their organizations future ready. If your plans include attending the upcoming OpenStack Summit event make sure to attend a Dell session or stop by the Dell Expo #S11 to learn more about becoming agile and Future Ready.

Dell Sessions:

Monday, May 18  12:05pm – 12:45pm

A Conversation with Cinder Developers with Sean McGinnis

Tuesday, May 19  12:05pm – 12:45pm

Past, Present and Future of Fibre Channel in OpenStack with Sean McGinnis

Tues May 19 2:50-3:30 pm

Verifying your OpenStack Cloud with Rally and Tempest with David Patterson

Tues May 19 3:40- 4:20 pm

Setting up a highly available storage cluster for Cinder and Glance backend using Ceph with optional Rados Gateway for Object Storage with Steve Hand, Randy Perryman 

Tues May 19 4:40- 5:20 pm

Different approaches to building and enabling scalable OpenStack networks using Dell Open Networking with Prashanth Ganapathy

Tues May 19 5:30- 6:10 pm

Dell and Red Hat – taking OpenStack to the enterprise with Steve Croce and Sean Cohen

About the Author: Brent Doncaster

Brent Doncaster - Senior Strategist, Product Marketing Leveraging his 20+ years of technology experience into the creation of portfolio messaging for Dell EMC Cloud Solutions in support of global marketing campaigns and initiatives in Dell EMC’s Integrated Solutions Group. Twitter: @Brent_BWD