Irish Eyes are Smiling on the IT Manager

IT Manager ToastTomorrow is St Patrick’s Day and this Irish girl from Boston couldn’t be more excited!  It’s a day that I look forward to every year.  I enjoy dressing head to toe in all green and celebrating my Irish heritage with shenanigans, my closest friends, and yes, the traditional Guinness for breakfast.

The man being honored every year on March 17 has a legendary story.  The story of St Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland is one of tall tales with some small truths IF you dig really deep.  It is true that Ireland doesn’t have any native snakes unless you visit them at a wild animal park.  So, the story of St Patrick must be true, right?  One version of the story is that St Patrick stood on a hilltop, dressed in his green attire and waved his staff at the slithering creatures to drive them all in to the ocean.

As I think about the legend of St Patrick, I can’t help to think that every IT Managers should have a special day celebrated for them.  Maybe they are not waving a stick around and driving snakes out of the country but they are monitoring your companies’ precious data, recommending strategies to keep data flow running smoothly and blocking shenanigans caused by the mischievous data leprechauns.

Let’s talk about how your IT Managers are similar to St Patrick by taking a look at their daily responsibilities versus St Patrick’s mission. 

Comparison Chart 2

Is this a comparison a stretch?  Maybe!  The reality is that IT Managers, just like St Patrick, are legendary in their own right for everything they do in managing, structuring, and keeping data safe.  This St Patrick’s Day as I tip back that green beer I will also be tipping my green hat to IT Managers everywhere!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

About the Author: Jamie Doherty