Introducing vStart For VDI

While they may not be able to open tin cans or uncork a bottle, Dell’s desktop virtualization solutions are now nearly as versatile and durable as a classic Swiss Army Knife. Dell has recently made its desktop virtualization solutions available as workloads that run on its all-in-one vStart platform, allowing customers to access powerful VDI and cloud client computing capabilities from pods that arrive pre-racked, pre-cabled, and ready to deploy. This is especially attractive to CIO’s and IT departments who may have been wary of desktop virtualization solutions because of concerns about complexity.

Dell’s vStart for VDI solution is available in two variants, one for small or mid-sized organizations looking for high levels of performance for up to 300 users (vStart for VDI 50) and a second option for mid-market organizations seeking to deploy virtualized desktops for up to 4,000 users (vStart for VDI 1000). Both vStart solutions provide flexible VDI infrastructure that rolls out quickly, scales easily, and minimizes downtime with single vendor support. For customers seeking to achieve benefits of virtualization in a rapid, risk-free manner and have a modular solution that will grow with their needs, vStart for VDI is a smart option.

Benefits of the vStart for VDI Solution

Dell’s vStart for VDI has a number of features designed to ease the transition to virtual desktops. For example, the solutions simplify management by connecting to existing technologies, eliminating the need for additional IT training. The vStart platform also captures best practices learned with 1000s of customer installations on various workloads and brings together the best of Dell servers, storage, networking and management ecosystem. This trusted pre-integrated architecture shortens the design, test and procurement cycles for enterprises looking at highly scalable virtualization environments.

vStart for VDI arrives in pre-racked and pre-cabled pods, allowing for a plug and play experience once it is in the data center. The solution accounts for future needs by scaling vertically (by adding additional capacity on existing rack) or horizontally (by adding additional vStart racks).

Finally, and most importantly, vStart for VDI provides the entire VDI infrastructure needed for deployment: servers, storage, networking, rack, power, cabling and Dell management extensions, which are then integrated into the customer’s existing network by Dell deployment service personnel.

Components of vStart for VDI

Dell’s vStart for VDI solutions are certified for industry-leading VDI software, including VMware View 5.1. Additionally, plug-ins are available for both VMware and MicrosoftHyper-V configurations. On the hardware side, the vStart for VDI solutions include Dell’s new 12th generation PowerEdge servers, as well as Dell Compellent and EqualLogic storage, Dell Force10 networking, and management plug-ins for VMware vCenter and vSphere. Additionally, the vStart for VDI solutions leverage the Dell Wyse P20 zero client for VMware View and the new, high performance Dell Wyse Z50D thin client. The Dell Wyse P20 zero client for VMware View provides impressive graphics performance for advanced applications such as CAD and other advanced worker-level office productivity applications. The Dell Wyse Z50D thin client provides an unprecedented user experience even with processing-intensive applications such as HD video and 3D modeling. It all adds up to a compelling end-to-end solution that is powerful, easy to deploy, and creates a more secure environment minimizing the potential for data loss and downtime from virus and malware attacks.

What’s in it for you?

vStart for VDI provides IT departments with a way to migrate to a pre-tested and pre-integrated solution architecture that minimizes much of the inherent complexity of desktop virtualization while also eliminating the need for additional training and hardware expertise. It is also a highly scalable and flexible solution that provides management from a single console allowing customers to focus on their business goals rather than the construction and maintenance of their computing infrastructure. And while it may not include a magnifying glass, a toothpick, or a tiny saw, Dell’s new vStart for VDI offerings enable both small and mid-size organizations with fewer than 300 users as well as mid-market organizations looking to virtualize up to 4,000 desktops to leverage Dell’s in-house expertise and best-practices accumulated from more than thousands of successful deployments.

Download the DVS reference architectures for vStart for VDI 50 and vStart for VDI 1000.

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