Introducing the Next Level of Appliance-Based VDI

To truly be competitive and productive in today’s business landscape, workers need to be able to access their data and applications from anywhere, without having to worry about IT security or performance issues. I’ve mentioned previously that virtual desktops are the perfect solution to enable that type of flexible work environment, and that’s evidenced in the success and continuous growth that the Dell cloud client-computing business is seeing. However, despite its many benefits, some small and medium size businesses believe that desktop virtualization is too complicated and expensive to implement, and worry about the complexities they may encounter.

Motivated by our customers’ needs and concerns, Dell cloud client-computing has made remarkable strides in simplifying the adoption, deployment and management of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) so that companies at every size can confidently implement desktop virtualization. One way we’re doing so is through our new appliance-based VDI offerings. These are holistic solutions that pre-package all the technology that customers need for their virtual desktop environments, from the datacenter, to the management software, to the endpoints.

The Dell XC Web-scale Converged Appliance for VDI is one flavor of appliance-based VDI that we introduced in partnership with Nutanix in 2014. Its benefits include predictable cost and scaling, simplified purchasing, and easy Nutanix-based management and monitoring. I’m excited to now introduce version 2.0 of the Dell XC Series solution for VDI.

Enhancements in this new phase include:

  • A new 1U model:  the Dell XC630, available for the first time on higher-performance Dell 13G PowerEdge server technology with Intel 4th generation “Haswell” processors. Built exclusively for VDI, this new version responds to customer demands for an energy-efficient, compact form factor that supports more virtual desktop users in half the rack space and at a lower cost than the first generation. This is the first 1U model of any Nutanix-based offering on the market today.
  • More flexibility in configuration of memory, storage and processors, while remaining extremely simple to specify, purchase and deploy.
  • Support is an important part of all end-to-end solutions, and we’re now offering more flexibility with a one-year Dell ProSupport option for customers in addition to the existing three- or five-year support agreements.

Dell Cloud Client-Computing will continue to innovate on solutions that make VDI simpler and more accessible, so that more organizations can reap the productivity, flexibility and cost-saving benefits of virtual desktops.

About the Author: Jeff McNaught

Jeff McNaught is the Vice President of Marketing at Dell Cloud Client- Computing. Jeff is widely considered the most quoted spokesperson for cloud client-computing in the world. With the experience of hundreds of speaking engagements, articles and press interviews, he is considered an authority on the topics of green IT, cybersecurity, mobility, desktop virtualization and cloud computing. He joined Dell in 2012 as part of the Wyse acquisition and now leads end-to-end desktop virtualization marketing and strategy efforts with his talented team. Jeff joined Wyse in 1987 as an engineer, then led various strategy, development, marketing and general management roles where his most notable achievement was co-inventing and spearheading the development of the award-winning Wyse thin clients, now with tens of millions of units in use worldwide. He lives in El Dorado Hills, Calif., and earned his M.B.A. from Pepperdine University.