Worry-free data protection with PowerVault DL2300, powered by CommVault

Traveling internationally can be challenging at times. My sister recently went on vacation to SE Asia with a small tour group and found the leader of the tour group to be disorganized and not very knowledgeable on many of the areas they visited. She ended up cutting her vacation short because of the chaos of the trip. On the other hand, last year my parents went to China on a Chamber-of-Commerce-sponsored tour, and their vacation was extremely informative, well-organized, and everything went perfectly according to plan. They claimed it was one of the best vacations of their lives!

When it comes to managing your data, there are a range of options available to choose from. Some of the options are disconnected, haphazard and a little chaotic and don’t have a smooth, single central management console for all critical data protection functionalities. For those of you seeking the more organized, everything going as planned “Chamber of Commerce” vacation of your life option, Dell is introducing the next generation of the PowerVault DL, the PowerVault DL2300  Backup to Disk Appliance, powered by CommVault.

Dell and CommVault have integrated technologies to develop an appliance that optimizes data protection and is simple to deploy and manage. By integrating Dell 12th generation hardware technology with CommVault’s industry-leading data protection software, the DL23000 provides backup (to disk, tape or cloud), recovery, replication, archiving and deduplication (both source-side and target) in an easy-to-set-up, all-in-one appliance for medium to large enterprises and remote offices, reducing the need for managing multiple products.

The key benefits of integrating the Dell 12G hardware technology include a new dedicated deduplication volume, providing up to 192TB of deduplication storage capacity (with the ability to scale up to 480TB of usable capacity), and faster disks, which means improved performance.  Click on the video below to hear additional information on 12G benefits.

There are two different versions of the PowerVault DL2300 available: the Value Edition, which is ideal for remote starter cell environments with diverse geographic locations or starter cells doing initial database build-outs, and the Enterprise Edition, which is targeted to large enterprises struggling with massive data growth and are looking for an all-in-one data protection solution in a single appliance.

When traveling to a new place, most people on vacation have the tendency to take lots of pictures, just as my sister did.  She had so many pictures of beautiful temples, but unfortunately for her, since the tour guide knew little about them, she had to resort to looking them up online to learn their history once back at home. Organizing those “snapshots” and actually knowing what’s in them can sometimes be tough.

Not the case with CommVault Simpana SnapProtect technology, the snapshot management tool with the ability to automatically index and catalogue the storage array’s snapshots. By cataloguing the snapshots, you are able to easily find the data you are looking for, at the file level, and restore those files for recovery without having to search through multiple snapshots. In addition, you can find and restore files from snapshots using any web browser. At the end of my parents’ trip to China, they had the option to purchase a variety of wonderfully-bound, printed in color books of all the people on the tour and all the places they visited, with detailed descriptions.  Which vacation would you rather go on?

With the PowerVault DL2300 Backup to Disk Appliance, powered by CommVault, your data will be protected easily and automatically, and hopefully you’ll now have some time to take your own little vacation. Safe travels!

You can read more about the PowerVault DL2300 via Patrick’s guest post on the CommVault blog. Additional information on other Dell products announced today is available at Dell Storage Forum.

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About the Author: Andrea Vaziri