Introducing the Dell In-Memory Scale-Out Appliances for Cloudera Enterprise

Big data does not necessarily mean big company. Customers large, small and everything in between are using big data to gain critical insights and make critical decisions about their businesses. And in the realm of big data, there is a need…a need for speed.

Across social networking, security, customer relationship management and more, speed is crucial for real-time analytics. And Hadoop in-batch processing can be a bottleneck to real-time streaming data. Today, Dell is announcing the new Dell In-Memory Scale-Out Appliances for Cloudera Enterprise to help customers bring high-performance data analysis into their businesses and incorporate real-time data streams into their applications.

In customer benchmarks, we've seen a portfolio analysis project go from 15 seconds for a Hadoop response using map reduce, to a streaming 15 milliseconds that enables real-time response to a portfolio change. This new appliance allows customers to gain business insights using high-performance computing concepts through cluster deployments. It also enables the customer to choose the size of the configuration, so it can work and grow with their existing IT environment.

Under the Hood

The appliance couples Dell hardware with Cloudera Enterprise, the company’s commercial offering of Apache Hadoop, with data bricks. It uses Apache Spark, which enables clusters to run 100 times faster in memory and can be used with Shark which enables an SQL interface for easier management and compatibility within existing data center environments. It scales from a single node to hundreds of nodes using the ScaleMP versatile SMP (VSMP) to aggregate multiple x86 servers into a single virtual machine to create large memory pools for in-memory processing. And it is highly compatible with the existing Hadoop systems and uses the HDFS file system.

Stay tuned for more from us in advanced analytics as we build out that part of our appliance strategy, including our own StatSoft products.

In the coming months Dell will be delivering more engineered solutions like these to help our customers to maximize productivity, drive business agility and efficiency, and ultimately simplify IT.

About the Author: Sam Greenblatt