Introducing Microsoft Cloud Platform System Powered by Dell

Today Microsoft announced Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS) Powered by Dell. Dell is excited to have been chosen as Microsoft’s only CPS hardware partner for the design, engineering and validation of this new cloud appliance.

Customers have long been telling us they are ready to make the migration to hybrid or private cloud — or to grow their public cloud offerings — but the complexity of designing, building, scaling and supporting home-grown architectures in their data center can be a challenge. That is where CPS can help.

CPS is pre-validated, ready-to-run, Azure-consistent cloud infrastructure delivered to the data center with the speed, ease, and assurance of an efficient Dell appliance. With CPS, a large-scale, validated cloud platform is at your fingertips. That makes it easier than ever for customers to shift focus from infrastructure configuration and coordination to business advancement and value.

Dell helps CPS customers optimize application delivery using cloud-proven platforms engineered for high performance, smart resource utilization, and energy efficiency. For example, computing is the workhorse of the data center, a core capability that enables the cloud to perform, day in and day out. Making this function more efficient helps customers operate at greater savings. That is why CPS workloads are trusted to Dell PowerEdge servers that deliver remarkable virtual machine density (up to 8,000 VMs) and performance while saving up to 20% in energy.

However, CPS is not just an infrastructure solution; it is an experience solution, designed to help customers empower their users with the right service levels, and satisfy their customers with consistent, dependable service uptime. CPS infrastructure delivers maximum uptime, with features for greater VM stability and automatic hypervisor failover. In addition, Dell software tools allow customers to monitor the health of resources and automate tasks to eliminate human error and further reduce risk.

CPS also takes the complexity out of massive scalability. Because CPS is validated and pre-configured, it enables customers to standardize on a consistent infrastructure and automation model — even across data centers — which enhances agility and business responsiveness. Support on a massive scale is easier, too: CPS is supported as a single entity, by a single trusted source. This helps customers eliminate the hassles involved with coordinating troubleshooting across multiple vendors so they can focus on advancing their business. 

We are proud to add Microsoft Cloud Platform System Powered by Dell as a partner solution in our Engineered Solution and private cloud solution portfolios. To learn more, please visit the Microsoft CPS site

About the Author: Sam Greenblatt