Introducing Isilon Information Hubs

In the past few months, the Isilon Support team has been working overtime to get the latest and greatest information out to you in the form of Support Community Information Hubs. What does that mean for you as the customer or ECN viewer? Easier access to all documentation, knowledge base articles, and other useful information about your selected product or procedure all in one place!

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For example; are you interested in upgrading your Isilon cluster? We have an Info Hub for that!

This Hub provides a basic overview of the Isilon OneFS upgrade process and includes useful documentation and resources to complete each step. (There are also some GREAT knowledge base articles included.) Come and try it on for size in your environment! An Isilon upgrade has never been easier: Isilon Upgrades Information Hub

Looking for more overarching information regarding your Isilon environment, the Uptime Info Hub may just be what you need.



This page will provide information such as which versions of OneFS are supported, current Target Code, Technical and Security Advisories, and Hardware Compatibility content. After a quick review, your cluster could be operating at peak efficiency. Check it out!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Isilon Information Hubs, please check out our splash page for all Hubs currently available: Isilon Information Hubs

Yearning to know more about a specific Isilon product or procedure? Please send us your ideas! The best email is, let us know on Twitter @EMCSupport, or leave your comments below!


Katie Johnson

Technical Support Engineer II/Administration Team Coach

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