Introducing Dell Wyse WSM 7 for (even more) simplified and powerful desktop virtualization

This year Dell cloud client-computing has been focused on two key priorities: improving our current customers’ desktop virtualization experiences, and extending the benefits of high-performance virtual desktops to more organizations by addressing an even broader range of environments and use cases.

Needless to say, these goals have kept us busy. We know each organization and IT team has unique needs and faces unique challenges, and we’ve been working tirelessly to address them all. For organizations with space constraints that need an elegant customer-facing endpoint device, we recently announced our first all-in-one thin client. Need strong performance from your virtual desktops, but working on a tight budget? We just unveiled the new dual core Wyse Intel-based 3000 series thin client, which offers enterprise-grade performance at an entry-level price point. And these are just examples of the impressive new solutions and enhancements we’ve introduced throughout the year.

However, we’re not only focused on improving and expanding our endpoints – we go much deeper than that. In order to truly service all of our customers’ evolving needs, we’re committed to maintaining our end-to-end approach to desktop virtualization, including servers, management, software, security and services needs in addition to the endpoints.

To that end, this week at the Dell Solutions Summit, Brussels, Dell cloud client-computing is excited to announce new Dell Wyse WSM 7. Wyse WSM is a secure, dependable and easy-to-manage desktop virtualization software solution, which can deliver virtually any Windows application to run on a physical or virtual desktop just as it would on a traditional PC, without the security risks or management complexities. WSM delivers on-demand virtualized OS’s and applications to traditional desktops, Wyse cloud desktops and server platforms. It offers customers the choice of re-using existing PCs, deploying Wyse cloud clients, or adopting a hybrid approach. Additionally, WSM-provisioned desktops consume less power and are easy to replace if lost, damaged or stolen, since no data or applications are stored locally. These benefits ultimately translate into reduced costs, increased security and reduced environmental impact.

With the new features announced today, WSM goes one step further in simplifying management and enhancing performance for virtual desktops. To start, new application layering capabilities allow administrators to separately provision individual applications or groups of applications by policy or department to any physical or virtual desktop, meaning IT teams can look forward to increased control with decreased management headaches. Additionally, a new client caching feature significantly enhances the performance of virtual desktops and applications delivered over WSM, by reducing server storage and network bandwidth requirements.

When it comes to bringing you more powerful, convenient, reliable and secure virtual desktops, we won’t be slowing our pace any time soon. Stay tuned to find out what exciting innovations Dell cloud-client-computing announces with next. 

About the Author: David Angwin