Introducing Dell Technologies’ New Chief Blog Strategist

As modern communication channels continue to evolve and expand, Dell Technologies’ corporate blogs play an important role in telling our stories.

Whether it’s talking about our responsibility in the next decade or announcing new on-demand end-to-end flexible consumption, our corporate blogs bring you the latest news and views from our in-house experts.

What’s so special about these blogs anyway?

Direct2Dell and Direct2DellEMC aren’t just managed by one person or even one team. Our network of authors contributes pieces from all sides of Dell Technologies to bring you the stories you care most about – from consumer and gaming, to small and mid-market business, to large enterprise and beyond. And with such a broad business and so many stories to tell, it’s important to work closely with authors to bring you the highest levels of quality in our blogs.

Hi Sarah!

With this in mind, I’m excited to introduce Sarah Vela, as Dell Technologies’ new Chief Blog Strategist for the Direct2Dell and Direct2DellEMC blogs.

Sarah brings with her a diverse professional background spanning social, digital and communications roles covering multiple customer segments. Her name might be familiar to some readers. She previously spent six years at Dell where, among other things, she managed the Direct2DellEMC blog.

As the Chief Blog Strategist, Sarah will be responsible for the overall strategy, health and quality of these flagship corporate blogs. She will work cross-functionally within Dell Technologies to ensure important moments are shared in the most relevant and effective ways (yes, we care greatly about what stories you liked and where other stories may have missed the mark).

On the shoulders of giants

With the explosion of digital and social media in very recent years, it might surprise you to learn the Direct2Dell blog has been around for over 10 years.  After helping to launch Direct2Dell in 2006, Dell Technologies’ own Laura Pevehouse further paved the way by serving as Chief Blogger/Editor-in-Chief for both Direct2Dell and Direct2DellEMC from 2014 to 2018.

Revitalizing this role represents the importance blogs play in reaching out to you, as well as our continued investment in digital communications and the ever-changing preferences of our online audiences. Thank you for your continued trust and loyal readership over the years!

While you’ll soon start seeing Sarah’s fingerprints all over these blogs, in the meantime, please join me in congratulating her on her new role.