Intel at #delltechcamp

Last week I had the pleasure of heading to #delltechcamp with many of our Dell, Intel and Microsoft colleagues. Tech Camp was one of those all-encompassing events where our key solution environments were on show – from the Efficient Datacenter to the Connected Classroom experience. ‘Touch and feel’ demonstrations, many of which we filmed as well as our Dell experts provided the necessary context into our overall strategy and mission to help customers grow and thrive.

Also on the day I had the pleasure of meeting Darren from Intel’s IT Galaxy Community team and I wanted to feature a guest post from him sharing his experiences on the day.


Intel at #delltechcamp

So the Dell Tech Camp is underway at the O2 in London. There is more than three tonnes of hardware up on the main stage alone, and probably double that amount of hardware on the show floor.  The event is aimed at showcasing Dell’s hardware from the last 12 months aimed at SMBs, the public sector, corporations and government.

From laptops, to printers, displays, desktops, workstations and servers – it’s an impressive range of technology and what impresses most of all is the fact that much of it has Intel Inside. Ed English, head of enterprise marketing EMEA, for Dell, said: "The computer industry is at an inflection point that will redefine products and services."

Echoing that sentiment Iain Beckingham, head of the enterprise technical team, at Intel, said it had been an important last few months for Intel.  Speaking a day after Intel posted its best ever quarterly results, he said the launch of the Xeon 5600 and 7500 processors offered a mind-blowing leap over the previous generation.

I’ve just grabbed a few words with Ed English, head of enterprise marketing in EMEA, and we discussed the relationship between Intel and Dell.

He told me: "If you were here 10 years ago you would have seen those two logos very close as well. We’ve been strategic partners with each other for a very, very long time."

"A lot of Intel’s objectives like stripping out inefficiency in the data centre and client space, driving down customers’ cooling and power requirements, getting increased productivity out of a finite amount of space; there’s a lot of synergy with what we are looking to do from a Dell perspective."

"A great example would be recent launch of Dell R910, a 4-socket server, encompassing the 7500, known as Nehalem EX. It’s a great example of a product we have co-designed together and we are tracking to market and are positioning to customers to say here is a truly stable, solid, high performance platform you can take as a realistic option to replace big, existing Unix/RISC infrastructure that might be in your data centre that’s costing you thousands and thousands of dollars to run."


Darren has also written several other posts following #delltechcamp including Dell’s view on Dell Tech Camp, Dell, Intel and the smart server and Mobile clinical computing at #delltechcamp.

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