Integrated Data Protection for VMware Environments: Storage and Data Protection for Today, a Cloud-Ready Foundation for Tomorrow

Digital Transformation has changed the landscape of what data is to organizations. As a result, the essential functions of modern-day data protection products and their relationship to users must be addressed. As more users adopt virtualization, Dell EMC’s deep integration with VMware’s products and technologies have never been more important.

The Dell EMC portfolio of data protection products provides the best experience for VMware users, with automation and orchestration across the entire VMware stack – on-premises and in the cloud. Integrated Data Protection Appliances, or IDPAs, provide a converged platform that combines compute, storage, and networking together with backup and replication software to create a complete data protection solution.  The IDPA family also extends data protection to the cloud and enjoys built-in cost and performance efficiencies with no additional hardware.

Automated Data Protection for the Modern Data Center

VMware has been at the forefront of the modern software-defined data center (SDDC).  More recently, VMware has expanded its offerings with virtualized storage, networking, and data center automation solutions (i.e. vSAN, NSX and vRealize Suite) that enable their customers to transition their data centers to the cloud. Similarly, Dell EMC data protection solutions, which are architected for the modern SDDC, deliver scalability and faster performance, ensuring that organizations entire VMware environments are protected and can scale easily as the amount of data needed to be protected inevitably continues to increase.

The IDPA family, which combines Dell EMC backup storage with Data Protection Software, works efficiently with the SDDC. IDPAs automate the data movement from vCenter to protection storage and across the entire data protection stack, including VM backup policy, deploying and configuring virtual data movers/proxies, and directing data from VMs to backup storage.

Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) DP4400

Dell EMC IDPA DP4400 is a converged platform that combines compute, storage, and networking together with backup and replication software to create a complete backup and recovery solution. Ideal for mid-sized organizations and remote/branch offices, the DP4400 is easy to deploy, can scale from 24TB to 96 TB with no additional hardware purchase needed, and is multi-cloud ready for long-term retention and cloud disaster recovery. It is optimized for VMware, protecting up to 5x more VMs in a single 2U appliance. Backups and recoveries are also faster – up to 2x faster backups, up to 7x more backup streams, and has built-in NVMe Flash for instant access and restores.  Networking and capacity are also more efficient with leading deduplication and bandwidth utilization with an average deduplication rate of 55:1 and up to 98% less bandwidth.


Native Cloud Disaster Recovery is available across the entire IDPA family, enabling customers to cost-effectively failover to the cloud with end-to-end orchestration—3 clicks to failover and 2 clicks to failback. Current support includes AWS, Azure and VMware Cloud™ on AWS.

Cloud Tier, an integrated capability of IDPAs, provides long-term retention to the cloud, permitting customers to backup up to 2x the usable capacity of their on-premises IDPA to the public or private cloud.  Cloud Tier supports AWS, Microsoft Azure, Dell EMC Virtustream, Dell EMC ECS Cloud, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, and CEPH, among others.

In addition, Cloud Tier enables more efficient cloud capacity management for long-term retention with its free-space estimator tool. This free utility shows the amount of on-premises IDPA storage that will be saved if data is moved to Cloud Tier for long-term retention, enabling efficient capacity management between on-premises and cloud environments that helps reduce storage costs.

Dell EMC Data Domain 3300 (DD3300)

For small and mid-sized organizations and remote/branch offices that are not looking for a converged solution, Dell EMC also offers the Data Domain DD3300, which, similar to IDPA DP4400, provides backup storage in a 2U form factor. The DD3300, combined with Dell EMC Data Protection Software, provides a complete end-to-end data protection solution that is cloud enabled and provides fast and efficient backup and recovery.  DD3300 is also compatible with data protection software from other vendors.

VMware Optimized

The family of Dell EMC IDPAs (as well as Data Domain appliances with Dell EMC Data Protection Software) is VMware optimized, delivering a simply powerful converged data protection solution for VMware environments on-premises – and in the cloud. To learn more, please visit or


About the Author: Emmett Kaczmarek

Emmett helps customers understand, validate, and design world class data protection solutions for their multi-cloud environments. Additionally, he works with team members from the global technology office (GTO), product management, and engineering to make sure that the data protection solutions that Dell Technologies is building directly reflect what customers need. Emmett joined Data Domain in 2009 and has tremendous experience in the Data Protection/Data Storage industry along with IT in the Healthcare and Federal industries. Emmett has a wealth of knowledge around successful data protection strategies along with understanding the challenges organizations face each day as they move through their digital transformation.