Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) Even Easier to Sell

We launched the Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) last year with our channel partners in mind.  IDPA is a converged, all-in-one data protection solution that is fast to deploy and converges protection storage and software, search and analytics, and cloud tier for long-term retention—in a single appliance.

We have now made IDPA even easier to manage and upgrade – all things that make it easier for our channel partners to sell IDPA.  Specifically, we are announcing the addition of IDPA System Manager, a centralized and intuitive management and monitoring user interface, increased cloud readiness, and improved data protection for VMware workloads.

With these new improvements, IDPA takes a massive step forward by providing enhanced simplicity, ease of use and more powerful data protection for your customers and helps them take better advantage of the cloud as part of their data protection.

IDPA now has even more to offer—providing an exciting opportunity for our partners to help the existing customers refresh their protection solution as well as offer new customers’ simple and powerful Dell EMC data protection. Check out Dell EMC Data Protection portal page to access sales and marketing resources available for your leverage.

Ease of Use with Centralized Management & Monitoring via Modern New UI

The new IDPA System Manager UI provides centralized monitoring and management, with easy-to-use intuitive navigation. A majority of daily activities, such as reporting, setting policies and initiating backup, can be handled directly from the IDPA System Manager.  IDPA System Manager also provides customizable dashboards for easy real-time monitoring of customers’ data protection environment.

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Modern and Comprehensive Cloud Readiness

Modern and efficient cloud readiness is the centerpiece of Dell EMC products and strategy. We continue to evolve our products to support all aspects of our customers’ cloud journey. IDPA was launched with native Cloud Tier for long-term retention and archiving to public or private cloud.

Now, with this announcement we are introducing Cloud Disaster Recovery for IDPA. This add-on feature enables virtual machine images protected on IDPA to be copied to object storage within Amazon Web Services for a modern, cost-efficient disaster recovery solution that takes advantage of the cloud. This service can be used to orchestrate and automate disaster recovery (DR) testing, DR failover and failback to/ from the cloud in a disaster scenario. No data protection infrastructure is needed for the failover/recovery within AWS, and no compute resources are needed until a failover occurs – greatly reducing costs. With Cloud Disaster Recovery, IDPA enables customers to leverage cloud across diverse cloud use-cases and benefit from the cloud economics and efficiencies for data protection with minimal additional learning or operational costs.

Plus…better VMware data protection and operational improvements

New VM file-level recovery enables recovery of multiple files, single files or folders.  And, operational enhancements make IDPA even easier to maintain.

Access Dell EMC sales Knowledge Center today to learn more about the Dell EMC IDPA. Check out the Dell EMC IDPA home page and follow @DellEMCProtect on Twitter for our latest announcements and content.

About the Author: Richa Dhanda