InsightIQ 3.2.1: Cool new stuff

[Editor’s note: We updated the title from InsightIQ 3.2 to InsightIQ 3.2.1, changed mentions of 3.2 to 3.2.1, and removed the original photo on 8/5/2015. InsightIQ 3.2 is replaced by InsightIQ 3.2.1. All the cool new features mentioned in this blog are available in InsightIQ 3.2.1, including a fix for an upgrade issue. For more information, refer to InsightIQ 3.2.1 release notes. And while we originally featured the “Deal with It” meme photo because it showcased the ultimate symbol of cool (wearing sunglasses indoors), we no longer considered it a good fit for this blog post. Call it a case of revenge of the meme. For questions or concerns about this blog post, please send an email to]

Being cool isn’t just about expensive clothes and wearing sunglasses indoors. Being cool is about attitude, speed, and efficiency. Slow is never cool. InsightIQ 3.2.1 is easily the coolest release of InsightIQ yet. If you want to know why, keep reading.

New, faster, lighter PostgreSQL database

InsightIQ 3.2.1 has a sweet new PostgreSQL database instead of the old SQLite database. PostgreSQL offers the monitoring experience you’ve been waiting for. With the new PostgreSQL datastore, InsightIQ runs faster and requires less space to store the same amount of information. It’s the best of both worlds, and nothing is better than the best of both worlds, except maybe the best of three or four worlds. But really, how many worlds do you need?

Configurable stat collection

While earlier versions of InsightIQ were obsessed with collecting every single cluster statistic, InsightIQ 3.2.1 is a little more laid back. InsightIQ 3.2.1 enables you to specify which statistics you want to collect, so you have more room on your hard drive for videogames. If you just don’t care about CPU usage, InsightIQ is right there with you.

Datastore export

In previous versions of InsightIQ, if you wanted to transfer cluster data from one InsightIQ instance to another, you had to connect the two instances and keep them connected while the data was migrated. Those were the rules; that’s just the way things were. But InsightIQ 3.2.1 doesn’t play by the rules. It’s a lone wolf that stays up past midnight and drinks milk from the carton. InsightIQ 3.2.1 lets you export your datastore to a .tar file that you can later import to any number of other InsightIQ instances, and it lets you do it on your own time.

SmartPools support

InsightIQ 3.2.1 also enables you to break out performance data by node pools and tiers, which is more useful than cool, but does everything have to be cool? The answer is yes… and no. Because there are no definitive answers in life, only questions. And thinking like that makes you really cool.

Learn more

At this point, you probably can’t wait to start working with InsightIQ’s new database, move some datastores around, and apply a few node-pool breakouts. And the great thing is: you don’t have to! Follow the link below to start right now. The 1,000,000th user to click wins a free skateboard!*

*I lied. There is no skateboard.


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