Inside Flash #22: XtremIO 4.0 with Itzik Reich (EMC World 2015)

The Beast makes it's debut at EMC World 2015
The Beast makes it’s debut at EMC World 2015

XtremIO continues to break records, and EMC World 2015 continued the streak with the introduction of XtremIO 4.0!  The hardware platform made a grand entrance on the first day of the show; nicknamed “The Beast”, XtremIO introduced new 40TB X-Brick and 8 way scale out cluster support with 16 active controllers.  Those upgrades along with inline data services can deliver over a Petabyte of capacity, all while maintaining sub-millisecond latency you have come to expect from XtremIO.  Not looking for that much capacity?  XtremIO starts at 3TB and provides scale non-disruptively.

Believe it or not, XtremIO is NOT about hardware; it’s about software.  Software designed to take advantage of the latest hardware and transform the way you manage and deploy your business applications.

XtremIO 4.0 "The Beast" Over 50 new features!
XtremIO 4.0: while the Hardware might be considered “The Beast” the “Beauty” is in the over 50 software enhancements.

To help highlight a few of the new software features, I spent some time with Itzik Reich @itzikr at EMC World 2015.

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Hanging out with the beast after theEMC World 2015 Launch
Hanging out with the beast after theEMC World 2015 Launch

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