Inovalon and EMC Federation Redefine Healthcare through Massive Data Lake

Inovalon’s cloud-based data analytics and data-driven intervention platforms play an integral role in the evolution of the healthcare industry. No other company offers the combination of large proprietary datasets, advanced data integration technologies, sophisticated predictive analytics and deep subject matter expertise. As the industry shifts to value and quality outcome models, the ability to efficiently and rapidly integrate and analyze large sets of data has become increasingly critical for healthcare organizations to be successful. In virtually every stage of the healthcare system– Big Data analytics can provide the clarity needed to achieve meaningful insight and improvement in clinical and quality outcomes, utilization and financial performance across the healthcare landscape.

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The volume of healthcare and patient information is immense, originating from physicians, insurers and patients—all of which span a range of demographics, medical history, medications, immunizations, lab results and many other disparate sources and events. These data sources are often stored in silos making it difficult to leverage this data to improve diagnosis and treatments. Methods for extracting, aggregating and securing data silos are also extremely complex, time consuming and very expensive.

In 2014, Inovalon partnered with EMC and its Federation of strategically aligned businesses including EMC Information Infrastructure, Pivotal, VMware, VCE and RSA to customize a Big Data technology platform to support Inovalon’s business expansion and existing capabilities. The platform consolidates patient healthcare information into a data lake of 9.2 billion medical events, managed through a secure hybrid-cloud solution. This advanced approach to delivering technology is comprehensive in that it provides for real-time data capture, extremely rapid, analytical processing, and seamlessly facilitates the redistribution of healthcare data.    As a result, patient data from thousands of disparate sources is combined to provide the analytical insights to inform, enable and empower the point of care.

The wide breadth of services from EMC and the Federation members provides the tools to enhance the way Inovalon manages and analyzes data.  With EMC Isilon, Inovalon’s data lake provides the reliability and the performance to access and process data instantly. A flash strategy with XtremIO helps speed the performance of our analytics, while saving floor space and power in datacenters.  And, during this transition, a private, instantly scalable cloud on the VMware platform was created. Pivotal provides critical database and integration technologies, and with RSA, security is pervasive throughout the platform. The large-scale, complete suite of solutions enabled by this design perform optimally under the heaviest loads and is flexible enough to scale up or down at a moment’s notice.

Supported by EMC and its Federation businesses, Inovalon’s market-leading technologies in Big Data analytics will continue to play an integral role in driving the transformation of healthcare, delivering quantifiable impact for clients and partners.

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About the Author: Joe Rostock