Innovate Faster, Empower Developers and Accelerate IT Operations

Technology innovation, market disruption and fear of losing touch with customers is driving the executive agenda of today’s enterprises. Success for traditional enterprises requires the ability to adapt and evolve to fast changing dynamics and customer demands. In order to achieve this agility and responsiveness, enterprises recognize the need to transform the way they engage with their customers, which, these days, is done largely through mobile and web applications.

Pivotal is a company that helps enterprises accelerate the digital transformation with an agile software developerdevelopment methodology and modern cloud platform. We understand the technical and organizational challenges that enterprises face during the transformation journey and believe that simplifying the technical environment is one way to smooth bumps along the way. For this reason, Pivotal is excited to be an integral part of the Native Hybrid Cloud (NHC). With the release of this new cloud-native stack, we are recognizing the ease with which full-stack capabilities can be deployed to achieve greater agility and flexibility in today’s fast changing market.   With NHC, we believe enterprises can quickly deliver a complete, integrated solution for on- and off-premises, cloud-native application development. Developers can leverage Pivotal Cloud Foundry to use the tools that best fit the project while improving operational efficiency and time to market.

Native Hybrid Cloud is a turnkey fully engineered solution that can be deployed in quickly without the complexity or uncertainty associated with building in-house. . While this solution has been engineered ahead of time, customers still never sacrifice the benefit of choice. Stack and (in the near future) VMware Photon platform, all integrated with the new hyper-converged VxRack System 1000 with Neutrino Nodes, providing a turnkey rack-scale system that provides enterprise grade Infrastructure-as-a-Service. For off-premise options users can leverage Virtustream, AWS or Microsoft Azure endpoints.

So what does this mean for the business at the end of the day? Without the friction of how applications are built, deployed and operated, developers can hit the ground running with new ideas and an “it just works” user experience. Developers can focus on generating value for customers ultimately enabling the business to innovate faster and accelerates business outcomes.

All Native Hybrid Clouds are sustained as one, with one contact for support, upgrades across the entire solution and a holistic portfolio of professional services designed to provide customers with a seamless cloud-native journey.

At Pivotal, companies that have the desire along with the right technology can develop groundbreaking applications that are differentiated and compelling to customers. To achieve success in a rapidly changing digital era, enterprises must innovate faster, empower developers and accelerate IT operations, which is why we believe the fully engineered NHC solution is a great way to begin the journey.


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About the Author: Jont Kingsepp