Infrastructure Management Support Forums Realignment

Hello EMC Support Community! As you may have noticed in the Infrastructure Management support forums, we’re in the process of realigning the forums to bring you a better experience and more logical organization. We are constantly assessing optimal community alignment, health, and customer experience.

The changes to the Infrastructure Management category are described in the announcement on this page. Here is a representation of what the Infrastructure Management category will look like after the changes are completed (which should be fairly quickly):


As EMC’s products and services continue to expand and grow, we want to ensure that when you come to the Support Community the products, solutions, and services you interact with are logically aligned. We also want to ensure a healthy and vibrant community where you can come to ask and answer questions and develop connections as you share ideas, experiences, and feedback.  Continually improving your experience is our primary focus.

For example, we have recently launched a Portuguese Support Community so that our customers and partners can connect and share content in their preferred language. This is the newest addition to our multilingual support communities which also include Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish.  We’re also in the process of updating our Help FAQs, and have been working on improving your support experience through social media such as Twitter (@EMCsupport).

In the near future, look here for other improvements to the design, findability, accessibility, and response of your EMC Support Community as well as new product support forums and categories. Follow the Support Community blog to stay up to date on the latest news and developments.



Principal Program Manager, Customer Service Innovation Team

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