How efficient data centers can shrink companies’ carbon footprints – and costs [Infographic]

The growth of cloud computing and the use of data centers is supposed to be a good thing, right? Well, not necessarily — when you consider how the Internet’s massive carbon footprint is expanding along with them.

The Internet accounts for an estimated 5% of global electricity consumption, and, with more and more people and companies going online every day, that’s steadily increasing the size of its energy footprint. That’s bad for the planet and bad for business.

But making data centers more efficient can save money and reduce their environmental impact. And when companies realize savings in their energy costs, they’ll also see their operational costs drop. For instance, Facebook and Google both credit more efficient servers with significantly shrinking their costs and reducing power consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

When you look at the numbers rounded up by, you’ll see that businesses can’t afford not to make changes. Increased infrastructure efficiency pays for itself – and then some.

infrastructure efficiency infographic

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About the Author: Ana Cantu