infinIT: EMC’s Gateway To IT as a Service

Throughout this blog, you have read many use cases of how EMC IT puts IT as a Service into action. Yet, among the many services and products EMC IT offers to its customers, perhaps there is no better representation of our commitment to ITaaS than infinIT (pronounced: in-fin-i-tee) — our internal portal that allows EMC IT’s employee customers to browse and purchase the tools they need to work faster, smarter and with greater agility.

Like the stores you shop online, infinIT enables EMC IT’s customers to order packaged IT products and services with transparent prices and services levels when they need them. Yet, infinIT does much more. The portal includes knowledge-based articles, FAQs and user instructions that provide self-help guidance to customers, allowing customers to be proactive in their support needs. The result has been greater accountability and faster response times in provisioning, and more importantly a smoother, more enjoyable customer experience with IT.

Below, you can view a short walkthrough of infinIT that demonstrates the user interface and shows how the everyday EMC customer obtains his or her product or service through our brand new portal. Be sure to watch!

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