Real-World Impact of Smart Surveillance to be Revealed at ISC West

Intelligent, integrated surveillance is helping provide the security vital for a safer, smarter world, — and you can experience it live at the International Security Conference & Exposition on April 10-12, 2019.

With more than 200 billion connected devices forecasted to be in existence by 2020,[1]l it’s no surprise to find that security, surveillance, and IoT solutions are evolving at a pace faster than the ability of most businesses to adapt. Whether due to rapid technological advancements, overly complex and inefficient systems, changing regulatory requirements, or government initiatives, it’s far too easy for organizations to be left behind. The result—failed or faulty surveillance—not only compromises the company or organization’s security investments but also threatens to jeopardize the safety and security of those they’ve committed to protect.

We’re excited about the momentum Dell Technologies is making to solve these real-world challenges for our surveillance customers aligned with our robust partner ecosystem. Just in the past year, we’ve more than doubled our investments in this critical industry as we work toward our vision to create a safer and smarter world from the edge to the data center to multi-cloud.

At ISC West, we’ll be showcasing our edge-core-cloud-enabled surveillance solutions at Booth #17115, including technical demonstrations and theater presentations on our new IoT Solution for Surveillance and IoT Connected Bundles. Built on the world’s leading cloud infrastructure, Dell Technologies designed the IoT Solution for Surveillance to transform and simplify how surveillance technology is delivered to help businesses improve security, better protect their people, and more quickly realize value from their investments. It’s an engineered, pre-integrated solution that combines validated workloads, hardware (cameras, sensors, etc.), and machine intelligence in a single, cohesive system.

Why do we believe so firmly in this foundation-to-roof approach? As Carrie MacGillivray from IDC pointed out, “Organizations are looking to integrated IoT solutions that bring together the storage, security, network, and management and orchestration. Companies need to find a partner that understands these requirements and can help provide the piece parts to build out a holistic solution. Dell Technologies’ holistic portfolio of key IoT solutions and go-to-market options make them a solid partner for your IoT journey.”

Difficulties with system integration, poor performance, and an inability to leverage back end analytics are resulting in failed surveillance implementations for many—not to mention, the underlying technology, from sensors to AI, continues to evolve at a blistering pace. Our goal is to create new solutions that not only simplify these complex environments, but also tailor the entire infrastructure to each business, readying it for what’s to come while reducing risk and improving efficiencies.

From cameras and computers to storage, servers, and the cloud—Dell Technologies has partnered with top names in technology, security, surveillance, software, and hardware to create the number one name in surveillance and IoT solutions, and the most integral and complete end-to-end infrastructure leveraging orchestration, automation, and virtualization.

Our commitment to this standard of essential infrastructure encapsulates every part of the implementation, including continuous support from the industry’s only full-time validation labs with locations across all major regions of the globe. This reach means that we are uniquely positioned, more so than any other company in the industry, to be more responsive to customer opportunities and partner support while scaling validations. These facilities are entirely focused on supporting, testing, validating, and documenting deployment of surveillance systems that reduce and minimize customer risk and liability, while increasing efficiency and performance at every step.

Our goal is to develop safety and security solutions that transform the industry by bridging security, IoT, and IT to help businesses and organizations around the world scale into the future. Here is an example of an organization that is actively leveraging our essential infrastructure:

“At the University of Southern Mississippi’s National Sports Security Laboratory, we are developing trusted practices for IoT and surveillance to support our forward-thinking 2025 initiative,” said Dr. Lou Marciani, director of the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4). “Our goal is to enhance better safety to millions of spectators who attend sports and entertainment events. The new IoT Solution for Surveillance is designed specifically to reduce the complexity of building, scaling, and managing these complex venues. We are excited to have the opportunity to test several case studies that might prove to be game changers for security in the future”

No matter where you are in your surveillance strategy, we look forward to seeing you at ISC West, Booth #17115, April 10-12, 2019, where you can learn more about our surveillance solutions to help create a safer and smarter world.

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About the Author: Ken Mills

A leader in the Video Surveillance industry for over 15 years, Ken Mills is the General Manager & Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Dell EMC for the Surveillance and Reconnaissance business, and is regarded as one of the company’s top surveillance and public safety experts. Ken has been instrumental in establishing and growing this business and in the development and marketing of Dell EMC Surveillance solutions that greatly improve the performance, reliability, and manageability of enterprise surveillance infrastructure systems. After serving in the Navy as a nuclear engineer, Ken spent five years as a partner in one of the largest contract field sales organizations in the United States. He subsequently became a founding member of the Cisco Systems incubation organization, Emerging Technologies, whose goal was to identify the next billion-dollar businesses for Cisco. Ken quickly became a leader at Cisco and spent almost 8 years building a thriving business for Cisco focused on Surveillance, Access Control, and Emergency Response. Ken joined Dell EMC in 2013 to help the company build what has become a thriving business around Surveillance. He is responsible for developing the concept of a “Public Safety Data Lake,” where agencies can leverage enterprise data management solutions to address the growing demand for storage and security, and has published numerous articles about public safety technology trends. Ken is a founding member of the Cyber Security Advisory Board for the Security Industry Association and is on the Board of Directors for the Security Industry Association. Ken is an Advisory Board Member to the National Spectator Sports Safety and Security organization and is also Fellow with United States State Department. He is uniquely qualified to discuss the Dell EMC value proposition for Surveillance.