i3D.net cloud allows 1 million gamers to play – simultaneously!

Ever wonder how a million people can play the same online game at the same time?! I can’t help but wonder what’s in THAT data center.

At World Hosting Days in Germany, I had the opportunity to sit down with Stijn Koster and Bas Kling from i3D.net to find out!

On a daily basis, over 1.5 million gamers play on i3D.net game servers and the company is under constant pressure to deliver elastic high-performance computing without any disruptions.

As a fan of shooting zombies, I can tell you that I could die during a system lag – and I’m just one player! I can’t even imagine more than a million players worldwide . . . simultaneously shooting zombies. Good thing that i3D.net has data centers in Paris, London, Tokyo and Sydney to help keep gamers alive and having fun.

Here’s what’s in those 16 hosting locations throughout Europe, the US, Asia and Australia:

  • > 36,000 square feet in the Rotterdam data center alone
  • > 10,000 PowerEdge servers with Energy Smart technologies
  • > 200 PowerConnect switches with a bandwidth of 68 gigabit per switch for faster network performance
  • For 100% uptime globally, without the lag.

i3D.net is doubling in revenue and computing capacity every year. And now that i3D.net has been incredibly successful meeting the ever-growing demands for instant and constant mass game play, the company’s expanding to provide cloud computing services for other industries such as security surveillance. For example, the i3D.net cloud can flex to accommodate digital video surveillance capture, storage and analysis.

Here’s a quick video of i3D.net’s Sales Director Bas Kling:

Read the case study: http://dell.to/YQRao8

About the Author: Janet Bartleson