The Fastest Path To A Hybrid Cloud Solution

If you’ve read Part 1 of the Build vs Buy blog series, you understand why the majority of IT leaders are comsolutionmitting to hybrid cloud environments. Assuming you don’t want your company to be surpassed by competition, you’re most likely trying to determine how you are going to implement your hybrid cloud. Principled Technologies has proven that buying the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution is the timeliest and most cost efficient route to this desired Infrastructure-as-a-Service model vs. trying to build your own. Here’s why…

Think back to the last time you got a new car. You probably researched online and visited a few different dealerships in search of the best option. Sure, you may have wanted some input as to how the car was built. You wanted to pick the material of the seats, special features, color and rims but that didn’t mean you were going to go out and buy all the car parts and pieces and assemble it yourself. It simply wouldn’t be worth the time and effort. That’s why you put your trust with the car manufacturers. They’ve spent years engineering and testing vehicles that you can test-drive before making a final decision.

These same concepts apply to the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. An enterprise that chooses EMC’s Federation as their trusted partner can realize 92% faster time to value when implementing an IaaS model vs. building the solution on their own. And just like the car companies, the solution offers modular add-ons and ecosystem extensions to customize the solution for delivering IT-as-a-Service to meet your business needs.   Our own customers have told us that EMC can deliver the solution with its’ add-on options and customization 2 times faster than they could build it themselves. This allows your IT staff to deliver automated services via a self-service catalog with confidence while communicating the value of those very services. Not only will you delight IT consumers with services much like the public cloud, you can reinvest savings from a hybrid cloud consumption model into new business initiatives – that’s a win all around for everyone!


In recent years businesses have been scrambling to figure out how to make their IT organization more agile without draining funds. Hence, that’s why the Federation spent thousands of hours in our labs putting our solution through stringent development and testing processes.  We also developed professional services to help you with every step of your cloud journey so that your organization can start delivering value to the business faster, more efficiently and realize the savings and benefits of cloud computing even sooner. The Principled Technologies report revealed that an enterprise can save 67% on design, implementation and upgrades over three years with the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution. .


While building your own hybrid cloud may initially seem appealing its important to consider the time, cost and challenges you will face to get there. An engineered solution will not only save your company time, money and resources, but it allows your IT staff to focus on business priorities like innovation and gaining a competitive edge. So, which path will you choose?

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For details on the study conducted by Principled Technologies, view here.

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About the Author: Berna Devrim