Hudson County achieves fivefold time to value for Dell vStart

This post written by Kailas Jawadekar, Converged Infrastructure Solutions

With the ever increasing demand for applications, servers, desktops, and the need to support hundreds of various client devices, many IT departments are struggling just to keep pace with all the incoming requests from users. At the same time, they need to have the infrastructure ready in case of emergencies or disasters. As a result, more and more IT organizations are looking for ways to make their data centers more agile and efficient and are looking for virtualization and private cloud solutions that are proven and can be readily deployed, providing quicker time-to-value. Let’s take a look at how Dell solved this problem for Hudson County, New Jersey using Dell vStart – Dell’s pre-engineered, pre-assembled and pre-tested system for virtualization, private cloud, VDI and applications.

Hudson County, New Jersey is one of the most densely populated counties in the United States, located just across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Post 9/11, the county had to assess its IT preparedness to be able to respond faster to government and relief agencies in case of a disaster.

Hudson County did an in-depth evaluation of several virtualization and private cloud offerings from Dell as well as from VCE and HP Solutions. In the end, they were impressed with Dell’s ability to deliver a simple, fully-integrated solution to not just deliver virtual servers but virtual desktops as well. Dell was able to deliver the
vStart system and get it up-and-running in just a couple of days, a significant time savings vs. if Hudson County had tried to do it themselves or had used any competing solutions.

A single point of accountability when it comes to support was also a big deciding factor for Hudson County to go with Dell. In the case of VCE, which is an alliance of VMWare, Cisco and EMC, Hudson County found that it was difficult to get support from VCE, as the support requests kept on getting routed from one vendor to another. On the other hand, Dell provided a single channel for all vStart support, making the support process extremely seamless.

Using Dell vStart, Hudson County was able to transform its data center into an agile and efficient private cloud within just a few days, enabling it to more efficiently respond to requests for virtual resources needed for day-to-day operations as well as in case of emergencies.

 In summary: using Dell vStart, Hudson County was able to realize the following key benefits.

  • Fivefold faster time to value with pre-cabled, validated infrastructure system
  • Able to provide virtual servers and desktops in minutes
  • 75 percent reduction in physical server footprint
  • 50 percent less power and cooling required
  • 33 percent less administration time with integrated management consoles

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