How to Save Time and Money with SmartPools


Let’s say you have a variety of Isilon storage tiers in your cluster: a few NL-Series, a handful of X-Series, and a bucketful of S-Series. Rather than managing each tier separately, Isilon’s new SmartPools™ application allows you to aggregate it all into a single file system—meaning a single point of management for all the data and apps in your cluster (Click image to enlarge). Even further, policy-based data movement automatically moves data to the appropriate tier without complex links, stubs or manual data migration. You’ll get much higher utilization from your storage space, plus quicker access to the data that matters most.


SmartPools enables storage administrators to right-size and accelerate their working set while automatically and transparently moving inactive data to more cost-effective storage (click image to enlarge). In addition, SmartPools unlocks the ability for storage administrators to aggregate and consolidate applications—providing workflow isolation, higher utilization, and independent scalability—all from a single point of management.

How much space is left on your X-Series versus NL-Series tiers? Isilon’s InsightIQ™ app will tell you. Knowing where and how your data is accessed allows you to expand your cluster as cost-effectively as possible, but also quickly—in 60 seconds—because you’re adding it to the “smart” pool of storage.

For more info, check out the Flash demo on the SmartPools product page.

About the Author: Nick Kirsch