How to make the cloud work for you: Get a market leading private cloud management platform with VIS Creator

If you’re an IT Director trying to figure out how to improve the efficiency of your existing IT ecosystem by moving it to the cloud, your options can be overwhelming. Perhaps you’re looking at the hardware and software investments you’ve already made for supporting IT service delivery processes and operational standards and you have a mandate to continue getting value from those investments as you move in the cloud direction. Somehow, you need to think about how to support multiple virtualization platforms, how to create agility without costs exploding, how to guarantee resources for business critical workloads, how to show your constituents the costs of the resources they use, among other challenges. Not an easy project, right? Well, think again.

The Dell Virtual Integrated System (VIS) portfolio is Dell’s enterprise private cloud solution. It enables IT organizations to speed service delivery and move from an inflexible, static infrastructure to a more dynamic, cloud-based approach to support business growth and change.  

VIS Creator, which is part of the VIS portfolio, provides secure deployment and management of physical, virtual and cloud workloads – be they private, public or hybrid cloud – removing bottlenecks to help speed IT service delivery, and improve business operations. Considered by The Virtualization Practice to be “the leading private cloud management solution on the marketplace today,” VIS Creator paired with vStart enables Dell to deliver a pre-integrated infrastructure and software solution that empowers IT and business stakeholders to accelerate application and IT service delivery. Leveraging VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V, IT organizations can use this solution as a just-in-time, business-ready platform to support their key initiatives, allowing them to focus on delivering on business priorities instead of building infrastructure.

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About the Author: Tom Baumgartner