How to Address Key Work From Anywhere IT Challenges [Podcast]

I expect you’ve heard the claim that 80% of IT time is spent on routine maintenance and support. Many of you live that experience every single day. And it’s probably safe to presume that this part of your job got a lot more complicated when the world shifted to work from home. Now you need to figure out the most efficient way to support your employees and effectively manage their devices. Some of the key workforce support questions IT managers are thinking about are:

  • How do we manage the system health for remote workers?
  • If systems need updating, how do we effectively manage this remotely?
  • Security has become an even larger threat on these remote systems, how do we keep them safe?
  • How do I get end users, who now work at all hours of the day, the support they need when and where they need it?
  • How do I build a knowledge base for employee self-help?
  • Do I have the service expertise available to remotely troubleshoot and resolve our employee IT issues?

I expect there are others you would add to the list!

Have You Considered Managed Services?

Recently I had a discussion with my Dell Technologies Services colleague Stephanie Pirrong, about ProManage for end users and how it can help solve customer challenges associated with supporting employees that work from home or in remote environments. This managed services offer shifts much of the day-to-day operations including end user support and device management, from our customers IT department to Dell Technologies.

During the podcast, we discussed the following:

  • Some of key challenges our customer’s IT departments are struggling with as they have shifted to a work from home environment
  • Examples of recent customer engagements and how has Dell Technologies been able to quickly respond to their needs
  • How ProManage for end users addresses today’s needs to support a remote workforce
  • What Dell Technologies has done to move 90% of our employees to remote working and how that translates to our customers

More Time to Focus on Strategic Priorities

There are many reasons to consider using managed services, but a key one to call out is “time.” Shifting the daily burden of supporting a remote workforce to a trusted partner like Dell Technologies will give your team more time to focus on those things that are critical to driving business growth.

We can relate to the challenges you face since Dell Technologies started down this path 10-years ago with the goal of supporting 50% of our employees working from home. Thanks to the infrastructure, technology and culture we have developed, we recently enabled 90% of our workforce to productively work from home in just a matter of weeks, with very little disruption to our customers.  Who better to consider partnering with for managed services than a technology leader who understands what your needs are and has the capabilities to support you fully?

Contact your Dell Technologies Services representative today to learn more about Dell ProManage.

About the Author: Shawn Jagodzinski

Shawn Jagodzinski joined Dell in 2000 and serves as a Senior Director of Product Management for Dell Technologies Services supporting Commercial Client Managed Services. Shawn’s prior Dell experiences includes leading Global Service Delivery Management, Global Channel Strategy, Global Custom Solution Intake & Design, Global Field Services for Data Center Solutions, managing Global Field Services for a large outsourcing contract, as well as managing the Americas Retail & Specialty Deployment team. Prior to Dell, Shawn held roles in quality, operations management, and customer service within the high-tech industry. He has a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas–Austin and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from The University of Iowa.